Since most people keep their smartphones with them the majority of the time, you can expect them to be busy on New Year’s Eve. Users will be texting more than talking according to a survey done by advertising firm Mojiva.

More Texting, Less Talking

They surveyed people in both the US and the UK about their New Year’s Eve plans and their plans for their device in the coming year. Just over half of US residents will post on social networks while they are ringing in the New Year and almost a third will find local restaurants and bars for the celebration.

Almost three-fourths of people in both countries will text their friends and family at midnight, but only two-thirds will call. As far as how they are spending their evening, both countries responded similarly with close results for staying home, going to see friends or family, or going out for the evening.

Mobile in 2013

The majority of those surveyed said they plan to replace their phone in the coming year. The survey also found out some other interesting details about how people use their smartphones. About half of the respondents said they would use mobile sites while the other half said they would use apps. This remained the same for both countries with just a slight edge for apps in the US and mobile sites in the UK.

When asked what would make them click on a mobile phone ad, it was split almost equally between having a good discount and if it was relevant to their activity.


Both countries had an overwhelming positive response to the question of whether they thought the smartphone would help them manage their daily life.

From the survey, it shows that the smartphone is a part of daily life for most people, and using it for information is almost as big as communicating.

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