It’s hard to get excited about a desktop nowadays. Most people are on the go and they want their computer to be the same way. However, the new iMac will at least get you to rethink desktops.

The New iMac: Not Just Another Desktop

The high resolution screen is even more impressive since it measures an amazing 27 inches. The display is super thin to give you more options on where to use it in your home or office.

You can use either the Apple Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad rather than the touchscreen that is so popular with tablets and smarphones. It also provides several connection options to work with other devices. The back contains four USB 3.0 ports, a gigabit Ethernet, and an SD card slot for additional storage or easy data transfer.

A 1T is standard with the new iMac, but it can be upgraded to 3T. You can also use flash storage with the device, up to 768 GB. Another option for storage is the new Fusion Drive. However, you can expect to add $250 to what you will pay for the computer for that storage option.

This computer does not come with a DVD drive since Apple believes that more people are going towards cloud storage anyway. However, with the available ports, you can transfer anything from other drives. Apple also offers the USB SuperDrive for only $79, which is a reasonable price for outside storage options and provides backup security.

The smaller screen iMac is available for purchase now and the high-end version with the 27” screen will be shipping to stores in about a month.

Will the iMac replace laptops? No, if you need a laptop, you’ll look at what else Apple offers. However, if there are times when you can use a desktop, you will definitely want to see what the new iMac has to offer.

[Image via amazon]