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In today’s society, with the ongoing search for convenience and new ways to save money, it’s no surprise that online couponing and daily deal... Best Daily Deal Sites

In today’s society, with the ongoing search for convenience and new ways to save money, it’s no surprise that online couponing and daily deal sites are popping up left and right. And many of these sites are becoming very successful because, honestly, who doesn’t love to save money? With hundreds of these discount sites in existence, it can be difficult to decide which to choose. Although there are many great sites that didn’t make the list, here are a few of the best deal sites, based on the number of cities they serve, the best variety of deals, and of course, the best discounts.

Best Daily Deal Sites


Groupon is first on the list, based on sheer size and selection. Available in over 150 U.S. cities, it offers exceptional deals on restaurants, events and activities, beauty and spas, fitness, health, home and auto, shopping, and even education. For those of you who do not live in or near a major city, this would most likely be your best bet for local discounts.

Living Social

Offering remarkable deals in more than 50 cities, Living Social is a terrific choice. They post daily local and nationwide discounts on restaurants, shops, spas, travel, activities and deals on products for the home and family. This site seems to cater mostly to women and families.


Serving 25 cities and offering national and local deals at 50% to 90% off, on a variety of products and services, Tippr is a hard one to beat. Seriously, how do they discount products up to 90%? That’s practically free.

Deal Chicken

Deal Chicken serves over 70 cities and offers daily deals on numerous products and services, both by city and nationally.  It also offers travel deals and (for the guys) features a tab solely for discounts on golf resorts.


Woot is a site that started as a deal a day site exclusively for computer hardware and electronics. However, the site is now owned by Amazon, and currently includes daily deals on top brands, items for the home, sporting goods, wine and kid stuff.

A Few Things to Watch Out For

Because many of the companies that run major discounts on daily deal sites will barely meet their overhead on these sales, price gouging is sometimes a problem. This means that they will mark up their prices before running the sale. So look into the going price of the item or service before purchasing. Also, when you buy a discount, it is sent to your email and has a time limit for usage. Your email inbox can become overloaded with junk mail and offers, so put your deals in a special folder and be sure to use the discounts you have paid for. Now go start saving.

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