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It only takes a few effective apps to turn a terrible holiday the other way. There are thousands of travel apps out there today,... The Best iOS Travel Apps 2013

It only takes a few effective apps to turn a terrible holiday the other way. There are thousands of travel apps out there today, and it can be difficult finding the worthy few. Everyone’s heard about apps such as Urbanspoon or FlightTrack, but a new year means a new list of travel apps. Here are 5 that will have you in the iTunes store within minutes.


Reviews done by people just like us are truthful, accurate, and usually the most comforting. Foodspotting does just this—it will tell you the best places to eat nearby depending on user ratings and reviews. From pierogi in Poznan to Laddu in Lahore, it’s bound to have what you’re looking for. It searches your location and finds the best places nearby, ensuring that you never waste a holiday meal eating at a disappointing restaurant. What’s great about Foodspotting is that users can upload images they take on their own phones. You won’t have to be worried about biased, high-quality images promising food you won’t get.

best iOS travel apps 2013


Today’s travellers may seem tech-dominated with their obsessive tweeting habits and daily blog posts, but the classic postcard will always have a spot reserved in the hearts of real travellers. This is what Touchnote aims to capitalise on—brining back snail mail with a 21st century twist. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you’ll have a personalised postcard sent off to your great grannies and uncles all over the world. All you do is upload a picture from your iPhone and let Touchnote take care of the rest. With as little as £0.99, you can avoid the hassle of buying a stamp and finding a post box.

Word Lens

World Lens really sets the bar with their sci-fi-like technology. Without question, this app makes the rest look antiquated. Just snap a picture of any text and World Lens will translate it to the language of your choosing. It can take a picture of an Arabic sign and translate it into English within seconds. It’s like there’s a magician built into the app. The demo is free to try, and the full version will cost you £6.99.

The Best iOS Travel Apps 2013



Many leading hotel booking websites have a tool that makes the process a lot easier. HotelClub’s app, though, takes the whole process and makes it so easy that a monkey can book a hotel. The app’s user-friendliness itself is enough to give it the number one spot. Browse through endless hotels all over the world and filter your results by your liking. Whether it’s pet allowances, pool availability, or airport shuttle access, the app is bound to have a sorting feature you need. You can also link your account to the member’s reward scheme and get mobile-exclusive deals and offers.

The Best iOS Travel Apps 2013

JetLag Genie

A business trip to Toronto when you’re flying from Bangkok will leave you desperate for a single moment’s sleep. Nodding off in a vital meeting/presentation is something no one needs. Luckily, JetLag Genie is here for frequent long-distance fliers, just like you. Science beats nature in this battle is the app adjusts your sleeping schedule to get your body ready for your destination. You’ll be hallway to Toronto before you even step on the plane from Bangkok. The app will recommend if you need melatonin and has its own alarm system, too.

The Best iOS Travel Apps 2013


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Sohaib Siddique has spent the last ten years travelling and studying around the world. He loves travelling light and hunting out technology that will make his money go further for longer.


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