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Google handwrite is a nifty tool that has proven to be extremely helpful to a lot of people ever since it was introduced last... Google Handwrite Gets Upgraded

Google handwrite is a nifty tool that has proven to be extremely helpful to a lot of people ever since it was introduced last summer as a beta. Recently, Google has announced that they have improved the tool making it faster and easier to use. The tool now offers more options, and is highly flexible to cater to a wide variety of users irrespective of the language they use to perform searches.

Google Handwrite Gets Upgraded

According to Google’s announcement, the following features have been introduced in the recent update:

1. Differentiate Between Similar Characters Easily

You can now differentiate between 1, l (lower case L) and I (upper case “i”), as the tool now allows you to pick from a list of options when you write a letter that can be confused with others. The same goes for Chinese characters that may be confused for each other. The users can simply write the letter, and let Handwrite provide them with a list of options to choose from.

2. Write Overlapping Letters

The screen of your smartphone may not be broad enough to write “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” from right to left, but that shouldn’t worry you anymore, as Handwrite now reads over lapping words. You can simply keep writing one alphabet over the other and Google will read it one after the other placing it in correct order.

Similarly, multiple Chinese characters can now be written in a line.

If you wish to activate the new and improved beta version of Google handwrite, log onto through your smartphone or Tablet, go to settings and simply enable Handwrite.

Another implication of a new and improved Google Handwrite is that Google will be able to understand all kinds of handwriting in most languages of the world. When you scribble something, Google provides you with a few options, and you choose the correct option.

This allows them to understand your handwriting better, in the future it can be expected that after using Handwrite for a while, Google would simply understand your handwriting and how you shape different characters. This could give birth to scanning solutions that can digitize any handwritten document. With the Google is expanding and enhancing its products, we wouldn’t be surprised if the company becomes the first to create a completely self reliant artificial intelligence.


[Image via pcbasics]