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Things are heating up, with the 20th of February just around the corner. If you’re not aware yet, that date is when Sony is... Will The New Xbox And PlayStation Block Used Games?

Things are heating up, with the 20th of February just around the corner. If you’re not aware yet, that date is when Sony is supposed to make official announcements about the PlayStation 4, something that many a gamer has been waiting for. Maybe, we’ll finally know whether the rumors about the lower PlayStation 4 price point are true. Rumors about Microsoft’s new Xbox also abound, as is always the case when the next generation gaming consoles are about to be released.

Will The New Xbox And PlayStation Actually Block Used Games?

Along with the usual speculation about release dates, hardware specifications, and price tags, there is a bit information that is making gamers – and retailers – edgy: the possibility of the next generation consoles blocking used games.

We can’t deny that piracy is a big issue even in the gaming sector. The prevalence of modded consoles is no secret, and it is but understandable that game developers and console manufacturers do something about that. Not allowing the use of pre-owned games is a totally different story.

Gamers, analysts, and their moms (yeah, there are moms who are truly into video games) have been throwing the question around: Are Sony and Microsoft really going to take measures against used games?

The implications

To make things clear, this rumor basically means that you cannot go to your favorite video game store, buy a pre-owned game at a massive discount, and use it on the next generation gaming console. This also means that, after you’ve finished playing God of War Ascension, for example, and you want your best bud to enjoy it as well without him having to buy a new copy, you’re out of luck. Rather, he is out of luck.

Another detail that has been brought up is that the new Xbox, at least, will require an Internet connection in order to function. The way it will work, according to the rumors, is that gamers will have to connect to the Internet to unlock the serial number associated with the game. In effect, you won’t be able to use the game on another device. While a little different, this reminds me of that hardcore Nintendo fan who lost games worth $400 when he switched from the Wii to the Wii U.

The only thing that’s permanent is change

Or so the saying goes. If Sony and Microsoft do make this huge change, then the video game sector will be rocked to its roots. And there will be many unhappy campers.

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