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The general perception about the Google and Microsoft rivalry is that Google trumps Microsoft in all areas bar PCs. The two tech giants compete... Is OneNote Superior to Evernote?

The general perception about the Google and Microsoft rivalry is that Google trumps Microsoft in all areas bar PCs. The two tech giants compete in almost every market related to computer and mobile devices. However, there is one more area where Microsoft holds the edge: information gathering. OneNote seems to be leading both Google Keep and Evernote in the feature list and usability for this kind of software. Here are some of OneNote’s superior features.

Why OneNote is Superior to Evernote

Ideal for Large Projects

Like the Microsoft Office Suite, the OneNote software has been designed keeping in mind the scope of large projects. This is one area where Evernote and Google Apps haven’t quite hit the mark. While the performance of the softwares for small projects is comparable, there is no doubt that OneNote holds a definite edge when it comes to larger projects. This is made possible by the ability to create several tiers of data which can be accessed later on. So, when writing a book or working on any project which requires considerable research, you are better off using OneNote as compared to Evernote.

Email Integration

Another great benefit of using OneNote over Evernote is the fact that you can integrate and sync it with your email account. You don’t have to open up your Outlook account separately. If you want to email a file or document from OneNote, you simply have to click the E-mail Page link and it will display the page in the format of an Outlook email. This makes it easy for you to share information which proves crucial in collaborative research projects.

Create Notebooks with SkyDrive

Not only does OneNote provide email integration but the ability to sync your files with Microsoft’s cloud storage platform, SkyDrive. You can create a virtual backup for your OneNote files online using SkyDrive. This way, if you lose any of the information you had gathered, you will have a chance to retrieve it from your cloud. Moreover, you can create Notebooks on SkyDrive which can be shared with others easily. The people you share your Notebooks with will be able to see them and also comment on them. Hence, if you need feedback on the information you have collected, you can do it conveniently through OneNote.

These are the three main ways in which OneNote is superior to Evernote. This doesn’t mean that Evernote isn’t a great app. It is just that Microsoft’s note-taking software provides better features and advanced integration with other services, such as cloud and email. This gives OneNote an edge over Evernote. The scenario may change a little in the near future if Google’s new a note-taking app Google Keep takes off. How effective that proves to be remains to be seen.

For now, it is quite clear that Microsoft’s OneNote is much better than Google apps, Evernote and the rest of the competition on several counts.

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