Most of you use a major search engine like Bing, Yahoo or Google, everyday. And some of you have never given any thought to where those answers come from, like Google is just some all-knowing genie in the “cloud”. Those of you who are tech savvy know that the search engines use algorithms to answer questions, but how much of the actual process do you understand?

New Google Site Shows How Search Works

If you would like a more indepth look at how Google’s algorithms turn your questions into answers, the company will explain it all to you on it’s new site How Search Works. Google launched the site on Friday to help explain the magnitude of the engines search process to its loyal users.

Explaining the process

Upon entering the site you are prompted to scroll down through an unfolding, animated presentation that follows the entire path of a search query. Google explains how they search through over 30 trillion pages by crawling, sorting, indexing, using algorithms and writing formulas and programs to deliver its users with the most relevant results.

The site also gives you a broader view of algorithms and lists the numerous aspects of the search such as user context, site and page quality, safesearch, freshness and refinements. And knowing that all of its users are not geeks, the company keeps it in terms that are easily understood by an average Google user.

New Google Site Shows How Search Works

Google’s war on spam

One of the tabs on the site is dedicated to explaining all the ways that Google works to rid its content of spam. It also informs the reader of the many different types of spam like pure spam, parked domains, hacked sites and user generated spam. The site tells how they use both algorithms and manual blocks to take action against spam in order to remove the junk and bring a tidy group of relevant material in answer to the users question.

To see all the details for yourself, check out the site at How Search Works.

[Images via nbcnews & google]