Nobody doubts the importance of a smart thermostat for your home, but did it ever nag you that it’s just not the right color and it sticks out of your décor like a sore thumb? A new WI-FI smart thermostat dubbed the chameleon thermostat for being able to change its display color can solve this problem.

The new device from Honeywell will be able to match the background color of its display to that of your home’s walls, beautifully blending in with your interior design. In fact, the touchscreen display can be set to match virtually any shade and will do so with impressive accuracy.

Chameleon Wi-Fi Thermostat Blends with Décor

Honeywell’s product has many similar features with to competitor Nest Learning Thermostat, especially in what regards the device’s learning abilities. More specifically, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat can learn how quickly you can cool or heat your house and will make that happen in an energy efficient manner. The thermostat is also advertised as being able to learn your daily habits and temperature preferences a lot quicker than other similar products, in only a matter of minutes.

The thermostat is provided with Android and iOS applications that allow you to control your home’s climate system remotely. If you introduce the humidity and temperature extremes in the system, the thermostat will memorize them and alert you by email if the values are exceeded. If your electricity is out or your Internet connection isn’t working, the device you will send you alerts on your phone. The smart thermostat is also able to tell you how long it takes to change temperatures and when its filter needs to be replaced, based on your usage patterns and the type of filter.

Its display shows you a wide range of data, including outside and inside humidity levels and temperature, the date and day of the week, and other settings. The Honeywell thermostat will be released for sale next month and will reportedly cost USD 249.

[Image via CNET]