How would you like to own that outfit your favorite TV character wore in the latest episode? Or maybe a watch, smartphone or other gadget they were using on the show? Apparently the people over at Get This Corp. had the same idea when they launched a special iTunes app that allows users to order some of the things they see on their favorite shows.

The Get This app, designed by Get This Corp founder and CEO Lisa Farris, merges entertainment and commerce in a unique, innovative way. It is currently free to download. The app shows TV viewers purchasable items on their iPad. The items are synced with the show you are watching.

Get This App: Buy the Items on Your Favorite Shows

Get This Corp. works with the TV shows’ production staffs in order to be informed of what items will be featured on every episode. For the time being, the app works with a limited number of shows, most notably with “The Carrie Diaries” and hit political drama “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington.

So when you are watching your favorite shows on TV and a featured item appears, it pops up on your iPad screen. The idea is that if Washington’s character Olivia Pope wears a beautiful dress or those iconic opera gloves, the items appear on the screen to allow you to buy them.

The app allows you to search for items by show and episode, but also by cast and character. On one of the most recent episodes of “Scandal,” for instance, there were about 80 items available for purchase through the app. It has three shopping options: Original items on the show, Stylist Picks similar to the original items on the show, and Affordable, which allows you to get the same look for less money.

The app is expected to include three brand new shows and several specials as of this July, Farris announced recently. Get This Corp. is also planning to move forward and expand their collaboration with producers and networks in order to add more shows and events.

[Image via Mashable]