Have you bought a new computer and don’t know what to do with the old one? You can’t just throw it away after it served you so faithfully. You could consider donating or recycling it, but can you be sure that your personal information has been really deleted from the hard drive? As we all know, hitting the delete button does not actually wipe out the data for good. Thanks to the Pass IT on for Good Project, you will never have to worry about this again.

Pass IT on for Good is a non-profit project developed by the Research Computing Center of New Hampshire University and software company Obliterase. The team’s efforts are aimed at giving children in developing countries better access to education, with the help of your computers.

Repurpose Your Computer with Pass IT on for Good

How does it work?

You will get a USB card that will delete all the information stored in your computer and then repurpose the machine by installing educational software. All you have to do is insert the card in your computer and provide it with an Internet connection.

The software on the card will analyze your PC to determine if it is suitable for donation or if it should just be recycled. Either way, it will permanently delete all your personal information. If the computer is to be donated, the Pass IT on for Good USB card will install new software and education programs.

When the process is completed, you will receive an email certifying that your personal information has been successfully erased and instructions on where to take your computer for recycling or donation.

The USB card has a specific number of uses, but it can be recharged online. The same card can be used for several computers. The project is currently on Kickstarter, where you can get a card with five uses for a $25 pledge.

The team behind the project guarantees that the software they use permanently and securely deletes all your data. By choosing this method to repurpose your computer, you can help provide education to more than 3,000 children and have a significant contribution to environment protection efforts as well.

[Image via Kickstarter]