The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a Super AMOLED 5-inch 1080p display that DisplayMate testing claims is on par with Apple’s iPhone 5 and its Retina display. According to the groups study AMOLED displays are finally beginning to  “challenge the best performance of the best LCDs.”

The Samsung Galaxy S4 features a density of 441ppi and uses a pentile arrangement. OLED displays have 2 sub-pixels in each pixel while LCD displays feature 3 sub-pixels (red, green, and blue).

In comparing the two devices the iPhone 5 has a pixel density of 326ppi. However, the Galaxy S4 has fewer red and blue sub-pixels per inch at 312ppi.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Vs iPhone 5While the sub-pixels are lessened in the S4 DisplayMate says the new Galaxy smartphone still delivers “excellent visual sharpness across the board.”

DisplayMate also notes that the Galaxy S4 is significantly less bright than the iPhone 5 and its color calibration is not as accurate. The Galaxy S4 however features a more accurate white display and better blacks. The S4 also features a much bigger display, offers higher overall resolutions and its output is more uniform than the iPhone 5.

While Samsung has achieved a 20 percent efficiency improvement over the Galaxy S3 DisplayMate notes that overall power consumption still needs improvement. Because of power consumption iPhone 5 devices are able to produce brighter results with less power output.

The nearly on par status of the larger display goes against Apple CEO Tim Cook’s recent comments that a larger Apple display is not possible because of current technologies. According to Cook the Apple iPhone line would not increase in size until larger display “tradeoffs” were dealt with. Cook revealed:

“My view continues to be that the iPhone 5 has the absolute best display in the industry, and we always strive to create the very best display for our customers.”

If Apple isn’t careful the company could once again end up adopting new technologies years after its competitors.

[Image via ExtremeTech]