Pet owners who always worry about what their cat or dog are doing all alone at home will be thankful for this new gadget. The Petcube is a cube-shaped device with a built-in webcam and speaker that lets you check in on your pet and talk to it, wherever you are.

Similar devices already exist on the market, but the Petcube, designed by a Ukrainian startup, has this little extra feature that makes it so much more interesting: it has a built-in laser that lets you play with your pet remotely.

Keep Your Pet Happy with Petcube

The 4 inch aluminum and glass cube has an elegant, neutral look that makes it easily fit any interior. When mass production starts, users will have the option of choosing various skins for the device.

Inside the Petcube is a wide-angle 720p camera offering users a live feed of their home, plus a set of speakers and microphone to hear your pet and be able to talk to it or call it into camera range.

The device connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and comes with an accompanying application for iOS or Android to allow users to check on their pet with the help of their smartphone.

The built-in low intensity laser is placed on a movable platform, so you’ll be able to play with your pet as if you were playing a video game, controlling the red dot and making your cat or dog chase it madly around the house. Developers say they consulted with veterinarians who confirmed that the low intensity laser is safe and will not affect your pet’s eyes even in case of direct contact.

petcube app

The Petcube app will let you to take photos of your pet and share them with friends and family. You will also be able to allow other people access to your device so as to view and play with your pet when you’re not able to, and vice versa.

Developers say they will begin mass production of the device this fall, when they also plan to launch a Kickstarter campaign. No pricing details are available yet.

[Images via Digital trends & NBC News]