When it comes to Microsoft’s next generation Xbox, the rumor mill is not likely to stop too soon. At least not until the big reveal event on May 21. And Microsoft is not doing much to stop the rumors, so here goes: there is a very strong possibility that the next Xbox will be called Infinity and that it will have a cheaper version with a $15 monthly subscription fee.

Never before has a console been given so many names as this one, and we still don’t know for sure what it will be called: Durango, Xbox 720, Xbox Loop or simply Xbox?

Will Next Xbox Be Called Xbox Infinity?

But a recent report by the International Business Times UK said the console will be called Infinity.  Sources quoted by the IB Times confirmed the name and said development kits are already in the hands of studios.

No matter the name, controversy still lingers surrounding the always-on functionality. Rumors that the console will require an Internet connection to work set the gaming community on fire, but the latest reports suggest that it will be up to the developers whether this feature is on or off, which means that some games will require an always-on connection to be played and others will not.

In the meantime, other sources suggested that the next Xbox will be available in two pricing models: a $499 version and a cheaper one, costing $299, which will carry a monthly fee. Microsoft made a similar move with the Xbox 360, which was released for $99, with a monthly subscription.

While initial reports said the monthly fee for the so-called Xbox Infinity will be $10, now it is believed that the fee will actually be $15. This subscription will include the family option, which will allow all family members to play multiplayer games and access extra content.

We don’t expect Microsoft to confirm any pricing rumors at the May 21 event, given that there is yet no news on how much Xbox Infinity rival PlayStation 4 from Sony will cost. The PS4 is scheduled to be released this year as well and all we know about pricing is that it may be cheaper than its predecessor.

[Image via Neowin]