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These days, security means everything. Particularly when you use mobile devices that can so easily get lost, damaged or stolen, security becomes the number... Dell’s New Latitude E6540 Laptop Has Security Features & Intel Haswell Processors

These days, security means everything. Particularly when you use mobile devices that can so easily get lost, damaged or stolen, security becomes the number one priority. Manufacturers have been striving to produce devices with heightened security, and it looks like Dell has emerged with a product that fulfills users’ laptop security needs. However, this is not the only thing that Dell gives you with its new E6540 release.

Most laptops received a lot of attention when Intel’s new Haswell processors were launched. These were marketed and made available to the public, which is of course one of the reasons for the hype. While this happened Dell worked quietly and added a business notebook to its Latitude family by making use of the new CPUs.

Dells E6540 is Known for Its Solid Security Features as Well as Fresh Components

Dell’s New Latitude E6540 Laptop Has Security Features and Intel Haswell ProcessorsThe new Latitude offers two different flavors of 15.6-inch display. Bothe these are LED-backlit:  1,920 x 1,080 or 1,366 x 768. This is the only Latitude that comes with a brawny Core i7-4800MQ processor. It presents users with the option of adding a discrete graphics card from any manufacturer.

The Latitude has a rough Tri-metal exterior, and it safeguards storage with rubber isolation of the hard drive. It also carries Dell’s Fast Response Free-fall sensor, which prevents disasters headed your way. The Latitude also provides protection in the shape of a RSA SecurIDs, fingerprint readers and a FIPS 201-certified smart card. It also has FIPS 140-2-certified TPM support.

Only Authorized Users Can Access Your Data

With the Dell Latitude E6540, your FIPS 140-2-certified TPM provides secure credential storage. With the Dell ControlVault, you have an extra layer of hardware security. Your passwords and credentials are maintained on a hardware chip controlled separately.

You will be able to end malware headed your way. The Dell Protected Workspace automatically senses and fends off any malicious threats in real time, and can be deployed conveniently.

Amazing Protection Along with Remote Management

With Dell Data Protection, you can protect data across external media and even in a cloud setup. With a comprehensive encryption solution suite, Dell gives you centralized security with remote management of endpoint security.

You also enjoy convenient encryption options that span from simplified BitLocker management to extremely high level FIPS 140-2 protection. This kind of security is available in the market for system disks that possess optional DDP. You can also easily implement encryption as soon as you take your laptop out of the box.

Additional Security in the Dell’s Latitude

Additionally, it has proprietary security tools such as Dell Data Protection, Dell Protected Workspace, and Dell ControlVault. With all these features, it is no wonder that Dell lays claim to being the most secure laptop available.

Many users say that they have never experienced security of this kind before with a laptop. While some may argue that there isn’t as much need for such heightened security. However, all the security features that you see are actually an array of options that are available to you per your convenience. You need not use all of them.

[Image via notebookitalia]