It looks as though Apple are following the trend for smartwatches, after the company applies for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan.  The application was submitted on June 3 and appeared on the Japan Patent Office website on June 27.

The name is categorized as being for products like handheld computers or watches.

Apple watch

There have been rumours that Apple was working on wearable technology but Apple never confirmed them. However, one of their latest ads shows a watch with a very apple-esq design; this ad and the fact that they have applied for the patent, is making it look more likely that a smartwatch is in the pipeline.

Bloomberg claims to have two sources who say that Apple have a team of about 100 product designers working on a smartwatch, which  would be connected to iOS devices, including the iPhone.

It is rumoured that Google is also working on a smartwatch, along with other major companies in the market, not to mention Sony who already have a smartwatch in the product lineup.

[Image via mashable]