Apple’s support forums were swamped with users complaining that the iOS 7 interface was making them sick, dizzy and causing headaches. In response iOS 7.0.3 has been released, offering users the option to turn off certain effects.

For people who suffer from inner ear disorders such as Meniere’s disease or Labyrinthitis, the zooming effect of the apps and features was making them feel sick. This was also made worse by the pseudo 3d parallax effect that causes icons to appear to move in relation to the Home Screen background.

iOS 7 Update

In previous versions of iOS 7 it was possible to turn off the parallax effect thorugh Settings, however the zooming effect was still present and causing problems for some users.

So Apple has worked to solve the issue by allowing users to turn off the zooming effect by switching the Reduce Motion toggle. Now both of the problematic effects can be replaced by a quick cross-fade.

There are some other changes in iOS 7 too, including the addition of an iCloud Keychain and a Safari Password Generator, as well as the fixing of accelerometer calibration bugs and a flaw that could allow hackers to bypass the Lock Screen Passcode.

Obviously there will still be those who find Apple’s iOS 7 deeply sickening but not for any medical reasons. At least there is always Android for those with this type of complaint.

[Image via NYPost]