Back in March, the Financial Times reported that Google were indeed making a smart watch and that at that stage, it was already past the stage of being a prototype. Now the respected rumor spreader Artem Russokakovski from Android Police has posted on Google+ about the possibility that the Google Gem smart watch could be out as soon as October 31, 2013. So by the end of the month, Google might have its own warrior in the smart watch wars to compete with the Samsung Gear and Sony Smartwatch 2.

Google Gem Smart Watch Released End Of October Rumors Say

What Will It Look Like?

The report from the FT said that Google had put in for a patent application way back in 2011 for a smart watch with a dual screen display and an interactive user face. Whether or not these things will come to fruition in the final model is yet to be seen. Other rumors speculate that the watch will be some kind of cross between the Google Glass (yet to be released to the public) for functionality with a kind of Google Now cards-esque interface. There is speculation that the watch itself could be manufactured by Motorola.

How Will It Run?

Although the watch was show cased at Google’s Berlin and Manchester offices before it was demonstrated at the Mountain View campus, very little is known about how the Google Gem smart watch will actually run. It’s thought that the watch will still need to be tied to a smart phone in order to function properly, like other smart watches on the market. Again, Artem Russokakovski has said he has intel suggesting that the watch will actually be unveiled with the latest version of Android OS, the Android 4.4 KitKat. This might make sense as it’s likely that the smart watch will utilize the 4.4 KitKat itself.

There is no confirmed release date just yet and Russokakovski admits his information is one month old, which is light years in the gadget industry. So by this point everything could have changed. But there isn’t long to wait for the rumor to be proved one way or the other.

[Image via Tech One]