Firefox fan? Resident of the United States? Sorry, but it’s not looking good for you if you’ve been waiting for Firefox phones to come to the country. Although Mozilla has previously stated that Firefox phones were going to be released in the US, the most recent developments point to the company backtracking on its word.

firefox phone

Straight from the mouth of Mozilla Executive Chair Mitchell Baker: “Currently, there are no plans to launch in the US.” This was said directly to Paul Sloan, editor-in-chief of CNET.

As things look, Mozilla is focusing their marketing efforts on developing countries. This does make sense, especially with the competition being very fierce in other areas. Many developing countries are being “ignored” by the major phone  With developing countries serving as emerging markets, smartphones priced just right would be very welcome indeed.

Then again, just because a gadget is not being made officially available in a certain country does not mean that consumers can’t still get their hands on a unit. No matter what kind of gadget, you can always find something for sale online. As a matter of fact, Firefox phones have been found on sale in the US vie eBay in the past. For sure, this is going to happen with the “no official US release” stance that Mozilla is now taking.

With Apple and Samsung dominating the market and engaging in a seemingly never ending game of go at each other’s throats, consumers will definitely favor a lower cost alternative from another reliable player. Especially if you’re not really keen on paying an arm and a leg for a smartphone.

How about you, what smartphone do you currently use? Are you looking forward to the Firefox OS phone to give Android and iOS a run for their money and giving consumers a viable alternative?

[Image via Digital Trends]