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We all want to do more to be environmentally conscious, don’t we? Most among us would agree that we should change a few things... FlyKly’s Smart Wheel Powers Your Bike & Charges Your Phone

We all want to do more to be environmentally conscious, don’t we? Most among us would agree that we should change a few things in our lives to help the planet.  What about cycling to work?  Or does that make you feel uncomfortable?  What with all the sweaty mess that you turn into after cycling to the workplace.  Some feel it is a big turn off.  But all is not lost, as a firm in the US has developed something that might be of interest to you.

Smart Wheel

FlyKly’s Smart Wheel can lock, track and powers your bike.  And it can also recharge your mobile phone!  FlyKly, is a firm based in New York and they have developed the Smart Wheel, a pedal assist technology which aims to help cyclists ride their bikes “effortlessly”.  According to FlyKly, the wheel, which has a lightweight 250W motor and battery attached to it, will fit to “practically any bicycle frame” and the designers make this technology to come in a variety of different colours and sizes to suit your needs.

Using the accompanying FlyKly app, which is compatible with iOS, Android and Pebble, the motor can be set to a desired top speed for cycling (the top speed is 20mph!) Once the app gathers information regarding your regular cycle routes, it will then be able to suggest alternative safer and quicker routes for you. The Smart Wheel’s app also monitors your regular routes, offering faster or more scenic paths for you to take, and there is a clip on light that also acts as both a dock and simultaneous charger for your smartphone!

FlyKly’s Smart Wheel can fit on to any bike and charges in three to four hours.  The Smart Wheel charges within a few hours and even recharges itself when you cycle downhill. While cycling, the bike also generates enough energy to power a small light fitted to the bike.  When it comes to wheel protection, the motor can be remotely locked via a companion app and in the unfortunate event of your new bike wheel being stolen, it can be tracked on a smartphone using GPS.

The sad news is currently, the Smart Wheel is only a prototype. To generate the funding needed to put the Smart Wheel into mass production, FlyKly has taken the campaign to Kickstarter, the crowdfunding website.  The initial $100,000 goal was achieved some time ago and now at the time of writing, the next target of $400,000 has just been reached. With the new funding the firm is able to develop a motor brake for the wheel. If the level of funding reaches another $100,000 then the Smart Wheel will glow in the dark, (another bonus to safety?).

Is this a good idea? Is it green enough? Would the theft factor be too high?  As always your comments are welcome.

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