A very entertaining video has finally, after 36 years hidden away, made its way onto the web’s most popular video site; YouTube.   At last some “Star Wars” outtake footage, that few have seen, (until now), finally makes its way onto the World Wide Web!

The most watched and best loved Sci-Fi epic just didn’t just come together with no hassles whatsoever, even with the force permeating all things!  No, the reality was much different.  What you finally see on the silver screen is only the finished and much polished product of the long hard work of making a movie.

Star Wars Blooper Reel Hits YouTube


Post production is a tedious and drawn out process.  However, during the arduous days of filming and editing some of the best moments ever committed to celluloid happen.  It is these scenes which are usually kept hidden away, only to emerge later on blooper reels or extras on DVD or Blu-Ray releases. I think with this short collage of epic fails, the fans have really hit the jackpot!

There are some classic moments on collection including some flustered and fluffed up lines, some very long strands of stray Wookiee arm hair getting in the way of classic actor Sir Alec Guinness and Storm troopers, quite literally, falling all over each other. The first 48 seconds unfortunately has no sound, which you don’t really mind as the first scene with sound is Peter Cushing magnificently fluffing his lines!  Other errors to watch out for are C-3PO taking a tumble in the sands of Tatooine and a land speeder losing part of its undercarriage.

The clips were originally compiled by J.W. Rinzler, an editor for Lucasfilm, who found the treasures in the company’s archives.  A select crowd was able to view the video at Comic-Com earlier this year, but the wider world now has a shot at seeing it thanks to the YouTube appearance.  If I were you I would hurry over to YouTube before some Disney lawyers will use the force of the law and spoil all our fun.  Enjoy!

[Image via dailyrecord]

SOURCE: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-57609664-1/rare-star-wars-blooper-reel-emerges-on-youtube/