We all love movies, don’t we?  And whether or not we watch them on our TV, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone or Games console, we want the content to be the best quality audio with crystal clear visuals! Amazon knows this and in anticipation of a massive new customer base, they have announced that their LOVEFiLM Instant app is now available for free download on the Xbox One Marketplace. New owners of Microsoft’s next-generation console will be able to access the LOVEFiLM app along with rival streaming service Netflix as soon as they open the box.

Xbox One LoveFilm App

The LOVEFiLM Instant app features all of the service’s popular features including 1080p high definition streaming, Dolby Digital Plus (5.1) surround sound and the Watchlist feature(this allows users to mark titles in the catalogue to stream later). Whispersync technology is also a feature, this makes pause and resume viewing easy, on any of your desired devices.

The app will support a variety of new Xbox One features including the ‘Snap’ and ‘fill’ modes that will allow users to view content from a side panel on the screen whilst at the same time navigating other apps, games or menus.

The Xbox One’s Kinect motion sensor will also enhance the users’ viewing experience by allowing you to entirely navigate around the LOVEFiLM Instant catalogue with supported voice commands and the use of hand gestures.  This feature allows users to easily pick and play a title without using the game controller.  LOVEFiLM members can also earn badges and achievements on their Xbox One console, by fulfilling certain criterion such as adding titles to their WatchList or watching brand new releases.

Chief Marketing Officer at LOVEFiLM, Simon Morris, said: “The next generation of videogame consoles is a fantastically exciting prospect for LOVEFiLM members in the UK, as accessing and discovering quality content will be easier and even more intuitive than ever before.”

So sit back, relax, talk to your games console, wave your hands around a bit and watch a movie!

[Image via thenextweb]

SOURCE: http://www.t3.com/news/lovefilm-app-launches-on-xbox-one