If you go to purchase a brand new car you expect a few extras included in the price, such as a satellite navigation system, alloy wheels, air conditioning or climate control, or maybe even Bluetooth connectivity.  I think for some people at least, that it maybe not be enough.  As the saying goes; “bigger, better, stronger and faster” and car makers are the first in line to adhere to this way of thinking, but I think the designers over at Renault have taken this motto a little too far. 

Renault: Free Drone With Car

Renault have designed a fresh and funky looking concept car that is called Kwid and it comes complete with a mini quad copter drone hidden away in the roof that can fly alongside/ in front of you!  That’s right folks you read that correctly. Your very own personal drone, to do with as you see fit. According to Renault, the drone companion can be used to see if there are obstacles and traffic on the roads ahead.  It can relay live video to a tablet mounted in the car’s dashboard. You can also use it to take pictures.  The drone can be programmed to follow the Kwid automatically, or your passenger can take control of it from the dashboard-mounted tablet.

Kwid Concept

I can really see this thing bobbing around the streets of London, where the average speed is now clocked at 12MPH in the city centre.  This little concept car may actually help in the morning commute, especially if you car share as someone can pilot the drone to check the traffic jams!  Renault has actually designed the Kwid for young customers in the Indian market, although it would be perfectly happy around the like of London as it is a tiny vehicle, at just 3.6m long, but it packs quite a little punch with a 1.2l turbocharged engine.  The car has Gullwing doors and the interior is unique as it is modelled on a bird’s nest!  No information regarding pricing structure etc has been announced as the car is still a concept at the moment and not a production model.

[Images via: Recombu and DailyMail]

SOURCE: http://www.stuff.tv/renault/renault-kwid-concept-car-comes-its-own-drone/news