You might remember from a few months back that the FAA changed their policy regarding passenger’s use of personal electronics during a flight. Now, passengers are able to use their electronic devices for pretty much the entire duration of the flight, unless otherwise asked by the crew. That was definitely a welcome breath of fresh air for anyone who frequents the skies.

While the FAA is being more lenient with passengers, they are cracking down on the pilots. They have now added to their policy that beginning in 2 months, pilots will not be allowed to use any type of personal electronics while they are in the cockpit. I don’t know about you, and I’m not a pilot, but this sounds like a really good idea to me. After all, if I wouldn’t want my taxi driver texting and driving, than I definitely don’t want my airplane pilot to be distracted by an email or anything else while we’re miles above the ground.

Pilots Not Allowed To Use Personal Electronics In The Cockpit

Sounds Like A No Brainer To Me…

It’s important to note that this policy change only affects their use of electronic devices for personal use; they can still use them professionally. So, thankfully we won’t have to worry about the pilot and co-pilot challenging each other at Words With Friends while autopilot is keeping the plane in the air.

I’m sure (at least I hope) most pilots already follow this policy as it seems like common sense protocol. However, there have been instances where distracted pilots have caused planes to altogether miss their destinations and go off of their intended flight paths.

As a passenger, I am more than okay with this policy. What do you think? Do you feel it’s too constricting on pilots, or do you think electronic devices should be banned altogether in the cockpit?

[Image via MacRumors]