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I’ve noticed that lately I seem to be forever plugging my iPhone in to charge. As well as being rather inconvenient, it’s really annoying,... 10 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery

I’ve noticed that lately I seem to be forever plugging my iPhone in to charge. As well as being rather inconvenient, it’s really annoying, so I decided to hunt for ways to make my iPhone battery last longer. Some of them are pretty obvious but others had never occurred to me and a few I had no idea made a difference. So I thought instead of keeping my findings all to myself, I’d share them with you, then maybe together we can all go more than a day without charging our flipping phones.

10 Ways To Improve Your iPhone Battery

I’ll get the obvious one out of the way first:

1. Your Screen Is Too Bright

If you go to Settings>Wallpapers & Brightness, you can turn down the brightness of your screen. At the same time you can toggle off Auto Brightness. You are now on your way to a longer battery life.

Brightness iPhone

2. Limit Your Location Services

You’d be surprised at how many apps use GPS for your location and although it can be a useful feature, it also drains your battery, which is pointless when you consider that it is not essential for every app. So do yourself a favour and switch it off.

Go to Settings > Privacy > Location services and toggle off location services.

Location Services iPhone


3. Set Your Phone To Fetch Less Frequently

Your iPhone will regularly check for updates to mail, contacts and the calender but all these takes drain your battery so you can either set your iPhone to fetch less frequently or fetch manually yourself; it depends how much battery you want to save.

Fetch iPhone


4. Close Or Delete Apps You Aren’t Using

You may or may not realise that apps stay open after use, even when you return to the home screen. To close an app you need to double click on the home button, then swipe the app upwards to discard it. On the other hand if you want to delete it permenantly, then hold down on the app until it begins to wobble, then delete. Easy!

Swipe up close iphone

[via Trusted Reviews]

5. Utilize Airplane Mode

If you don’t need to use the internet or you are in area with low-coverage, then switch on the airplane mode by swiping up from the home screen to bring up the control centre. Then just click on the little plane icon and away you go.

airplane mode iPhone

[via Buzzfeed]

6. Use WiFi Correctly

Whenever possible use a wi-fi network because otherwise apps and services will use your GPS location and as we learnt before GPS drains your battery.

iPhone wi-fi


7. Spotlight Search

This is something I never even knew about! If you go to Settings>General>Spotlight Search, you can select or deselect. You probably don’t use all of them so just untick the ones you don’t need.

Spotlight search iPhone


8. Turn Off Airdrop

The Airdrop feature was new for iOS7 and allows you to share info with other devices. If you don’t turn it off then it is always searching for a device to link with. You can toggle it off by swiping up from the home screen, tapping on Airdrop and then selecting off.

iphone Airdrop


9. Reduce The Number Of Push Notifications

Your iPhone will alert you to notifications or updates with a ping. By reducing how many apps are set to have a push notification, you can reduce how much battery life they use.

push notifications iPhone

10. Switch Off Automatic Downloads

Although this is a great feature for automatically receiving downloads you’ve purchased on other devices, it doesn’t half drain your battery.  To switch it off, go to Settings>iTunes & App Store, then toggle off the ones you don’t want to automatically update.

Automatic updates iPhone


Of course the ultimate way to save your battery would be to just use your iPhone less – but where’s the fun it that?!

If you have any tips for prolonging battery life, then please share them with us in the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter.

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