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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is tipped for arrival later this year. The Korea Times claims that it will be unveiled at this year’s IFA,... The Galaxy Note 4 is Arriving This September!

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is tipped for arrival later this year. The Korea Times claims that it will be unveiled at this year’s IFA, which is certainly a distinct possibility when you consider that all three previous Notes were released there. So with IFA 2014 set for September, we could potentially see a race between the release of the iPhone 6 and the new Note family member. However, unlike the iPhone 6, rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 4 are few and far between.

One thing that has set tongues wagging is Samsung’s promise of a “new form factor” for its next phablet. Although no formal details have been given, there has been speculation that there will be a more premium material, which would certainly be a big change as Samsung has stubbornly refused to move away from the plastic and faux leather.  One of Samsung’s recent patents shows a curved, multi-sided screen, with ‘on-screen buttons’, like email, settings and camera, all being located down one side of the handset. If this gets applied on the Note 4, this will be a massive change but would provide users with easier access to those functions and of course save valuable screen space.

Samsung Galaxy Note

Samsung has also hinted that the device could boast a 2,560 x 1,440 pixel display, which would be a big improvement even on the Galaxy S5. And as far as screen size goes, all evidence would hint at an increase. Screen size has been steadily increasing with each new release of the Note, so don’t be surprised if the Note 4 comes in at 5.9-inches. ET News has claimed that this time round, Samsung will ditch Super AMOLED display in favour of PLS LCD because it reduces the production cost by 20% but this is by no means a certainty.

Note 4 chassis

Like the S5 there is an expectation that the Note 4 will be water and dust-resistant but it also thought that the camera will be vastly improved. The Note 3 had 13-megapixels, the S5 has 16-megapixels but the Note 4 is set to have a 20-megapixel sensor for its camera.

The S Pen is one of the features that makes the Galaxy Note stand out from its other phablet counterparts and that too is set to receive improvements. A Samsung patent reveals that advanced hand writing recognition allows the user to write commands which the device can then transform into an action. So for example, writing ‘call mom’ will result in the obvious action of dialling your mother’s number. I’m not sure about whether this is an improvement or not though – what’s quicker, getting the stylus out and writing a command, or just tapping on the number from the contacts, or just asking your digital assistant to do it for you?

Note 4 Handwriting

It is assumed that the Note 4 will be be powered by the Snapdragon 805 processing unit. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 805 will let smartphone users “Enjoy Ultra HD resolution content on Ultra-HD-capable mobile devices.”

There has been absolutely no word on pricing, so like with any other premium handset, expect a premium price.

We will update you with any developments as they come in but in the meantime we’d like to hear your comments on what you’d like to see in the Note 4.

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