If you are an iPhone owner, then no doubt you have case for it?  I started off with a rubber case.  Then I moved on to hard plastic.  I really liked ‘the band’ cases that were popular a couple of years back.  I tried dout the wallet case too.  That was particularly useful.  Today I house my trusty iPhone 4s in a beautiful, digitally carved, redwood case which my wife gave me for our anniversary this year.

iphone LED case

It is true that iPhone cases are plentiful.  Do we really need another case on the market?  Well, the creators of Lunecase claim their masterwork can accomplish something very special indeed.

The Lunecase does actually look just like any other case on the surface of it, but Lunecase is capable of apparently harnessing the electromagnetic energy the iPhone emits and uses it to light up the LED call or message indicators.

The case is not even connected to the iPhone via wires or any other means for that matter.  So if what the firm say on their Kickstarter page is true, it will work as soon as you snap it on to your phone.

All of this sounds a little familiar.  The reason for this, is that Lunecase’s creators, Ukrainian company Concepter, have showed the design off at CES 2014, although it was in a different form. The prototype that was presented during the event looked a great deal different from the current model.

You can get your hands on one for the iPhone 5, 5s and 5c from the firm’s Kickstarter page for a minimum pledge of $35. The company aims to ship the cases sometime in August of this year.

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[Image via:imore]

SOURCE: http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/30/lunecase-harness-iphone-energy/?ncid=txtlnkusaolp00000595