Last month, we heard talks about Microsoft working hard at releasing a Surface Mini this year, but as is usual with these things, we didn’t have anything solid to work on. Yesterday, however, the big names in tech media published reports about receiving invites to a “small” Surface event on the 20th of May.
“Breaking news” about the “small” Surface event was all over the place yesterday, with leading to speculation as to what we can expect about the event.

One thing’s pretty obvious: Microsoft is going the Apple route of teasing the media – and the general public – with announcements to events. The word small in quotation marks, we believe, is definitely word play on the size of the Surface that’s going to be the highlight of the event.

And this brings us back to all that talk about the Surface Mini.

Microsoft To Hold "Small" Surface Event On May 20

Microsoft’s Surface line has not been able to reach the levels of success that its competitors have, but the general consensus is that it is best for productivity purposes, with business people being the main users. Microsoft is not ruling out the possibility of adding a fun factor to the Surface, though as seen in a recent video ad featuring a bakery owner from New York.

With the likely pending launch of a 7 to 8-inch Surface Mini, the company just might have a fighting chance in the tablet wars. It might not win – probably won’t, actually – but a smaller tablet will definitely attract more users.

Microsoft To Hold "Small" Surface Event On May 20

This is not to say that he May 20 event will definitely be about the Surface Mini, but I think I’m willing to bet on that – just for the sake of betting, no money involved!

So what do you think the May 20 event will be about? Will we be hearing an official announcement about the Surface Mini? If you’re a Surface user, will you switch to the smaller tablet when it’s released?

[Images via thenextweb & engadget]