Of all of the video games I’ve played throughout my life, The Legend of Zelda games really stand out. I’ve pretty much enjoyed every Zelda game I’ve played, from the Ocarina of Time to even some gamer’s nightmare The Wind Waker. The storyline, mixed with the awesome gameplay and the great graphics, took me away from my world in a way few games, with the exception of The Elder Scrolls, ever have to this day. There’s just something that Zelda games have that other games don’t.

That’s not to say that every Zelda game was perfect, though – they all have their flaws, minor they may be. For instance, you couldn’t really go everywhere on your screen – you could go a lot of places, but some places were off limits – you were pretty much only able to go to places where you had to to progress the storyline. That’s all changing in the future. There is a new Zelda game on the horizon that boasts of open-worldness, and it may have more in common with Skyrim than Ocarina of Time.

An Open World Zelda Game Is Coming To Wii U

The above photo is a tease from Nintendo’s announcement of the upcoming title. Eiji Aonuma, who directs the Zelda series, promised fans they’d be able to visit anywhere in this image (and I’m assuming much more than is displayed). He made a special point of even saying gamers would be able to take a hike in those far off mountains in the distance if they wanted to walk far enough.

This certainly presents a new way to play and enjoy the classic Zelda game. Before, gamers had to follow a pretty linear path and do one thing before they could do another – it now sounds as if those days may be past.

This new installment will be available exclusively on the Wii U, and will be available in 2015. Nintendo seems to be trying to do whatever they can do to try and gain some ground with the disappointing success of their newest console.

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[Image via arstechnica]

SOURCE: http://www.techspot.com/news/57072-nintendo-announces-open-world-zelda-game-for-the-wii-u.html