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Toys are great!  I love playing with all sorts of different toys with my children.  In fact, sometimes I think I might enjoy playtime... Wonderblox: Interactive Educational iPad Toy

Toys are great!  I love playing with all sorts of different toys with my children.  In fact, sometimes I think I might enjoy playtime more than they do!  Educational toys are the best though, as they can teach your children how to interact with the world around them. They can learn hand-eye coordination and differentiate between colours and textures.  The skills that a child learns in developmental play runs into most subjects actually; music, math and science to name a few.

Wonderblox from Stui

What about educational computer games or apps? Is it still a growing field?  Well, if app-based educational toy developer, Stui is anything to go by, then yes!  Stui creates toys and products for children and the firm is led by toy industry veterans, educational psychologists and software developers.

Wonderblox Interactive Blocks

Stui have just announced the launch of a new kickstarter campaign to raise money for the launch¬†of their¬†first product called Wonderblox. Wonderblox is an iPad app and set of physical blocks, which actually are used on the iPad screen. Wonderblox also comes with a play-set, which has an embedded mirror to direct the iPad’s front-facing camera to the play area, thereby allowing your child to position the blocks on the iPad screen to spell out different words.

Wonderblox Toy

Wonderblox can detect and locate the blocks in real-time.  This allows for a fluid and seamless interaction between the pieces and the iPad. The application’s spelling and letter recognition system may be used in several different ways to expand the game possibilities.

Yoav Dori, Co-Founder and CEO of Stui said, “Until now, toymakers have not been able to successfully deliver app-connected toys that are both inexpensive as well as provide children with a robust and engaging play experience‚ĶThe team at Stui has worked for over a year on building a product that immediately catches and holds the attention of children using the product while making it affordable for parents.”

The Wonderblox app is a powerful piece of software.  It can differentiate between colors and it can recognize patterns, geometric shapes and letters from every existing language!


Interestingly, Stui is also working on a stacking mechanism, which will be able to detect columns of blocks.  This will add to the play experience of Wonderblox in the future.  Why not head over to their crowdfunding site and check it out.

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[Images via Stui]

SOURCE: Kickstarter