I know it’s often tempting to think you probably have about the slowest internet speed in the country, but that’s probably not true. Akamai recently published a study where they investigated which U.S. states had the fastest internet speeds, and which U.S. states had the slowest speeds. Their findings are compiled in what they call the State of the Internet Report. If nothing else, the report gives us access to some random facts about internet speeds which we probably wouldn’t have known otherwise.

For instance, if you live in Arkansas, Montana, or Kentucky – your internet speed is most likely nothing to write home about. In fact, residents in those states have some of the slowest internet speeds in the whole United States, with speeds averaging around 7.3MBps. But even with speeds that slow, there’s still a state with lower average speeds. Any guesses as to which state that is? (Hint: it’s insanely cold there and ice-fishing is a really big deal).

Which U.S. States Have The Fastest & Slowest Internet Speeds?


If you’re tired of guessing, or just have to know if your guess is correct, the answer is Alaska. Alaska has average internet speeds of 7MBps, which ranks as the slowest speed in the United States. So if you’re thinking of moving soon and need a fast internet connection, you probably don’t want to move to Alaska. However, there are several other states which offer pretty fast average internet speeds.

Delaware has a good average speed of 13.1 Mbps. New York has an average speed at 11.5MBps, while California is close behind them at 10.9MBps. While those speeds are all pretty good all things considered, they still trail behind the top internet speed state which just so happens to be Virginia. The average internet speed there is 13.7MBps, which is not too shabby.

There you have it – you know now which U.S. states have the fastest and slowest internet speeds. What do you think of the results? How are the internet speeds where you live? Let us know your thoughts regarding this story in the comments section below!

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SOURCE: Digital Trends