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Dyson Creates Germ Killing Humidifier
Winter is upon us and with the advent of the cold season; it’s time for many of us to turn on the heating in our homes. It’s great to be able to stay warm in winter. The problem with centralised heating is that is creates dry air. Dry air... Read more
How To Install Windows 10 Technical Preview In A Sandbox
If you love Windows and just can’t wait for the final public release of Windows 10 then don’t worry Windows 10 Technical Preview is here and available to download and install at your leisure. Microsoft made the OS available for download recently and it’s available free of charge. If... Read more
Xbox One Giving Free Assassin’s Creed Bundles for Holidays
Know anyone who loves the Assassin’s Creed games and wants an Xbox One this holiday season? Getting an early start on this year’s Christmas season, Microsoft has announced a couple of really good bundle options when it comes to purchasing their newest gaming console. Beginning on 11/2/14 (a Sunday),... Read more
Microsoft to Launch Wearable Soon
Everybody and their mother is jumping on the wearable bandwagon and Microsoft is no exception. Microsoft is planning to launch their own wearable fitness band in the foreseeable future. Forbes has reported the announcement is due “within the next few weeks.” Apparently sources have said the launch of Microsoft’s wearable fitness... Read more
Apple Pay Released This Week!‏
Apple Pay officially launched on Monday this week, coming to iOS smartphones and tablets capable of upgrading to iOS8. This is Apple’s first move to tackle the payments industry, currently sitting on 600 million iTunes accounts worldwide. Apple Pay will not only work for mobile and Web transactions, but... Read more
How To Secure Your Wireless Network
Do you use a Wireless network in your home? They are great in terms of flexibility, but you do need to protect your network against hackers. Lots of people assume their home router is not at any risk, but that is not correct. Wireless networks use radio waves, which... Read more
PhotoMath App Will do your Math Homework for you
Let me be really honest for just a minute here. I hate math. It’s not that I seriously dislike, or even loathe it – I really cannot stand it. Here’s the simple reason for my mathematical disdain: I’m not good at it. At all. It doesn’t matter how many... Read more
PeaZip 5.5.0 Released
If you need an archive manager, then PeaZip is the open source file and archive manager for you. PeaZip can extract most archive formats both from Windows and Unix systems, ranging from mainstream 7Z, RAR, TAR and ZIP files to new formats such as PAQ/LPAQ. PeaZip supports a varied... Read more
The Hoverboard is Here! (For Real this Time)
I’ve made it no secret here on Techbeat that I love all things Back to the Future, but, if I could have any one piece of actual working technology from the classic movies, other than the time-traveling Delorean, I would hands-down choose the Hoverboard. Who doesn’t remember the classic hovering... Read more
Need Drivers? Download Driver Booster
Driver Booster from IObit is a high quality piece of software, which scans your system and then updates any outdated drivers, which may be negatively affecting the performance of your PC. A failure to update these drivers may lead to system crashes, so it’s a wise move to keep... Read more
The Most Popular Games Of 2014 So Far
Although 2014 isn’t over yet, we’ve been taking a look at the most popular, if not arguably the best games of the year so far. We’ll be sure to update the list as new and exciting games get released but in the meantime make sure to tell us your... Read more
Pocket Quick Guide
There are lots of ‘read-it-later’ services that are available on the Internet but Pocket is one of the best there is. It has changed a lot since the Instapaper-esq functions of the original service, to now encompass a broader range of tools. A key feature of Pocket is the way that... Read more
AmazonFresh Comes to New York City
We all have to go grocery shopping from time to time. Unfortunately, it’s unavoidable; we’re all designed to eat. And grocery shopping, while not overly difficult (unless you take several young kids in tow), can be quite the stressful experience. First, there’s the traffic on the road you have... Read more
Student Spends 2 Years Creating Minecraft City
Have you ever got lost in a game? What I mean by that is, have you ever been so immersed in a game that you lose track of time? I’m sure, if you play games, then all of you have. But what about spending two years on a game? Duncan... Read more
15 GIFs That Could Pass as 3D Images!
If you’ve been put off 3D TV because of the ridiculous looking 3D glasses, then take a look at these clever GIFs. There is nothing magical about these eye popping images, they are just standard GIFs, however by cleverly adding a couple of white vertical lines your brain is... Read more
Lost Luggage? Get On Board With Bluesmart
Have you ever lost your luggage? Personally, I haven’t, but a friend was travelling to South Africa and Air France lost his luggage during the connecting flights. The good news is that the airline finally managed to return his luggage to him, but it was weeks after he landed... Read more
Music Bleeper Will Clean Up Your Music
In this day and age, it’s getting harder and harder to find clean music. Now, this might not be a problem if you don’t have kids in the house, but if you do, than you know it’s tough to find good music that meets your approval. Your kids like... Read more
Japanese Government Approves 300mph Levitating Bullet Train
Japan is on of the most interesting countries one can visit. They have thousands of years of history, fascinating architecture and fantastic food. They are also behind some of the worlds most forward thinking technologies. Take for instance the Maglev trains. These bullet trains are some of the most aerodynamically... Read more