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Have you bought the new iPhone 6 or 6+? Perhaps after using it for a short period of time, you have noticed the battery... How to Preserve Battery Life on iPhone 6 Running iOS 8

Have you bought the new iPhone 6 or 6+? Perhaps after using it for a short period of time, you have noticed the battery life isn’t what you would like. Is iOS 8 is draining the life out of your new handset.

The latest software update makes the operating system work much harder. Although the newest iPhones are not as likely to suffer from this noticeable battery drainage, your older models that are running iOS 8 will probably be suffering from shortened battery life.

Is iOS 8 draining your iPhone 6's battery?

Is iOS 8 draining your iPhone 6’s battery?

But whatever phone you have, you can benefit from having a more efficient battery life. Here are some ways to preserve battery life:

Find out what is draining the battery.

One of the latests updates in iOS 8, allows users to see a rundown of what apps use the most power. Go to Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage to find out which apps are using the most power in the last 24 hours. Simply close the apps or delete the ones you no longer need. This will only work if your phone has been running for a few days as it needs enough data to use.

Turn off any location-tracking applications.

You don’t always need to be tracked. iOS 8 now allows users to choose a “While Using” option for certain apps (like Facebook).

Navigate to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. You can still leave on Find My iPhone from this menu. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location, to turn off another battery draining feature. You just have to remember to turn it back on if you want to use this feature again. Turning off Wi-Fi from the Settings menu, will also save your battery. You don’t need wifi if you are not using your phone.

Control notification widgets.

Accessing the Notification Centre is easily done by pulling down the menu from your top screen and customising your ‘Today’ view. Select which widgets you want to keep and which ones you can live without by tapping the ‘Edit’ button. Alternatively, you can navigate to Settings > Notifications and turn off notifications from apps.

Turn off Handoff.

If you are not planning on using two devices at the same time, you don’t need to run Handoff. Go to Settings > General > Handoff & Suggested Apps.

Stop fetching.

Fetching allows email notifications to go to your home screen. If you are not bothered about this function, turn it off by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Fetch New Data.

There are lots of ways to preserve your battery, you just have to turn off any functions you don’t really need.

[Image via Forbes]