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While some Windows insiders expected to have Windows 10 build 10551 drop at the end of last week, it sadly didn’t come to pass.... Edge Browser Enhancements Leaked For Windows 10 Build 10551

While some Windows insiders expected to have Windows 10 build 10551 drop at the end of last week, it sadly didn’t come to pass.

At the time of writing it also looks somewhat unlikely the next build is going to come this week either.

Microsoft have been busy though. Leaked images from China seem to show that the Redmond based company has been carrying out extensive testing of new features and improvements for the Edge browser.

Leaked Images of Windows 10 build 10551

The new enhancements to Edge have been expected and highly anticipated from Windows Insiders.


From what I can tell from the leaked screenshots, there appear to be several new features for Edge in the pipeline. For Windows 10 build 10551 there seem to be 2 main features that will be included.

The first new feature for Edge that will ship with the new release seems to be that it will be possible to open new windows by simply using a middle click of the mouse on either the desktop shortcut  or Start menu icon of the browser.

This is hardly groundbreaking territory however. Several other browsers have had this an option for quite a long time. It at least shows that MS is at least attempting to make Edge as contemporary as possible.

The second feature for Edge with Windows build 10551 will open up synchronised bookmarks, that will allow users to access their Edge bookmarks  across any WIndows 10 device. From what I can gather, the new feature will be ‘off’ by default, but can be toggled on easily.

It is unclear though whether search and browsing history will be synchronised as well. If it is, then the new feature will be a very welcome surprise.  Again, however, other browsers such as Google Chrome already have it.

Microsoft actually listening?

It should probably come as no surprise that these 2 new additions to Edge were among some of the top requests from Windows Insiders from the last few months. While there’s hardly anything breathtaking about the leaked information, it shows at least that MS has been listening  to the feedback its been getting from its user base.

Improvements, verified rumors,  and enhancements for Windows 10 itself in the new build are unfortunately  much more scarce on the ground.

It should go without saying that’s it’s also not certain that all or indeed any of the new features will make an appearance in Windows 10 build 10551, if and when it is released to the mob at large.

We can but hope.

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