With near-daily headlines about hacking events, data breaches, and new forms of internet scams, it’s a wonder anyone can go online anymore. Sadly, data is already showing that the majority of tech users have resigned themselves to the fact that their identities will probably be compromised, which is backed up by the reports that show most individuals’ identifying information is already floating around “out there.”

avira scout browser

Fortunately, there are steps individuals can take to minimize the impact of any compromising internet activity. While groups like the Identity Theft Resource Center push vigilant account and credit card monitoring and a number of software developers promote strong tech protections against malicious software, Avira Scout is working to keep your everyday internet activity from causing you further harm.

According to the company’s plan for its secure browser, “Scout is built with your security and privacy as a central focus. Our award-winning technology, directly integrated into the browser, automatically blocks infected and phishing websites for you.” By calling on its extensive database of suspicious websites, Scout warns users before entering a potentially malicious site or phishing scam.

avira scout browser

Even more interesting than just warning you of scammy-looking websites, Scout automatically forces websites to use the https protocol. That’s especially important for one of the other warnings that security experts give: using public wifi. While internet users have long been warned not to connect in a coffee shop or airport for anything more sensitive than downloading an update for Candy Crush, Scout rewires your internet activity to help you safely take advantage of available public connections.

Best of all, the privacy protections this browser affords you means no more tracking and no need for an add-on ad blocker. While it stops major-name tech giants from gathering up your activity data to see what you shop for and what you’re searching online, the browser itself is one of the few that does not gather and store any user data. The overall stated purpose is to produce a cleaner, worry-free web experience that protects your privacy and secures your internet use.