For a few years now Google Chrome and Flash have had an interesting relationship to say the least.

With flash providing so many security risks. Google has finally decided that they want to make browsing safer for their users, by getting rid of Flash altogether and instead directing focus to HTML5.

The Chromium developers have stated that the change from Flash to HTML5 shows the maturity of HTML5 and its ability to provide an excellent user experience.


Flash used to be critical for rich media content, however the developers have explained that in many cases today, HTML5 offers a more integrated media experience along with faster load time and less power consumption.

Chrome will come with Flash play pre-installed in the browser, but that will be hidden from being used by sites. It will also have HTML5 set as the default browsing experience (if available), where flash is needed chrome will prompt the user – with a Firefox inspired prompt bar at the top of the screen – to allow the user to decide if they want to allow or block flash content.

Chrome will save the user’s decision for future visits to that site. The user will also be able to change their preferences if they wish to unblock Flash on a site. Google are also going to whitelist the Flash content of the top 10 sites visited by users to minimise prompting and irritation to users.

This whitelist will only be implemented for a year to help users adapt to the now HTML5 experience. They say that the list will be updated periodically, removing sites with no longer warrant the exception.

Google is looking to implement the “HTML5 by Default” by the fourth quarter of 2016. You can see their draft proposal here.

Google has said that they are going to be working with other browser venders and tech companies to try make the transition from Flash to HTML5, hopefully getting rid of flash all together in the future. With the security risks that Flash pose, the complete end of Flash cannot come soon enough. Perhaps this time it really will be the final nail in the coffin for Flash. Time will tell.