There are tools available for just about any type of content that an individual wants to release to a broad audience, without the help of an intermediary company that will take a percentage of the profits. Authors can upload and sell their ebooks without the “say so” of a publisher; musicians can sell songs and videos that have every bit the professional look and feel of a studio recording. Even software developers and app writers can create and market their titles to users without having to rely on a relationship with a big-name developer.


There’s an entire software market of tools for content creators to help them make their work professional-looking and give it the same bells and whistles that large companies get to incorporate for their customers. One such tool that launched an updated version this week is DVDStyler, whose 3.0 edition is now available for download.

DVDStyler is an open-source app that lets you make custom DVDs with all of the features a professionally produced DVD would have. You can incorporate a fully interactive menu, the option to turn on subtitles, a customizeable photo slide show, and the ability to support multiple video file formats that will still play in any stand-alone DVD player. Even better, all those file formats are converted during the processing stage, meaning you don’t have to rely on an outside converting software or website since that legwork is done for you within DVDStyler.

But all of those features have been included all along. What’s new in version 3.0?

First, 3.0 supports animation, which is a whole other market of content developers who need an outlet to produce their own professional results. There’s support for more file formats and more plug-ins, as well as optional support for metadata. Other than that, it’s got a few little bug fixes, like better fade for cut segments of videos.

Of course, as a piece of open source software, it will come with third party offers for you to accept or decline at installation, but that’s what makes great software usable and affordable for a broad range of end users.