Google given to September to respond over charges relating to its mobile OS

Alphabet’s smaller Browser and Mobile subsidiary, Google, has been granted an extra six weeks to prepare its upcoming response to charges laid out by the European Union that it has abused its dominant position in the mobile phone market to squeeze out smaller rivals.

google sign

The move comes after the tech giant found itself under increased scrutiny back in April when European Commission antitrust regulators took issue with the Search giant over its insistence that mobile phone manufacturers pre-install Google Chrome and Google Search before they would be allowed access to other Google Apps and services.

Regulators are concerned that such requirements could negatively affect choice for consumers and reduce competition even further in a market that Google absolutely dominates.

Commission spokesman Ricardo Cardoso said:

“The Commission has agreed to extend Google’s deadline to respond to its Statement of Objections concerning Android and its applications until September 7th. Google asked for additional time to review the documents in the case file.”

The EU regulators had originally set a deadline of the 27th July for the company’s lawyers  to make its counter argument in the case.

Should the EU decide come down against Google in its final verdict, the company could face a potential fine of over $7 billion, or be forced to hand over 10% of its total global revenue.

Google is also facing off against the EU on other issues as well. 

The European Commission regulators are also arguing that the US headquartered business is too dominant with its internet search capabilities, accusing them of deliberately undercutting other competitors by prioritizing its own services before others, most notably, Google Shopping.

Google has denied that it has abused its dominant position, and is said to be set to defend its position robustly.