There’s a universal truth about passwords: they suck. More specifically, it’s tech users who kinda suck at coming up with passwords. Why? Because it’s annoying, or because it’s time consuming, or more likely, because there’s this little belief that hacking won’t happen to them. But with record setting numbers of data breaches each year that result in hundreds of millions of exposed accounts, the “it won’t happen to me” excuse doesn’t hold water.


One of the chief culprits is the fact that users have so many accounts that require passwords. Just in terms of mobile devices, 49% of smartphone users downloaded between six and ten apps that they use weekly, not taking into consideration the sheer number of apps that get downloaded for occasional use. Then add that data to laptop and PC users who have countless online accounts, all of them requiring a username and password. The temptation to create an easily remembered password that gets used over and over again is pretty great.

Fortunately, there are password managers that help generate “unguessable” passwords, and then securely log you in to each of your accounts when you need it. Your only requirement–beyond trusting the password manager to be secure–is to create one strong, unique password that you’ll use to log in. Password Boss, available for download from FileHippo, relies on not only secure sharing and cloud backups, but also employs two-step verification upon login and 256-bit AES encryption of your password.

Password Boss generates randomly strung-together combinations of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols to secure each of your accounts with the strongest possible password, then secures your accounts with a single-access wall. You only have to keep up with one strong password instead of hundreds, and you certainly won’t face the temptation to reuse your strong password on all of your accounts since Password Boss is handling each separate login for you.

Apart from the high level of security and erasing the user error aspect to compromising your accounts, Password Boss also helps ensure you don’t forget your login credentials when you need them most. Your secure login to your password manager means you can access any of your accounts once you complete the two-step authentication, no matter where you are.