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Simple, secure and vital for the tech age.  LastPass Password Manager has a lot going for it. Unlike a lot of password managers it’s... LastPass Password Manager: The Last Password You’ll Ever Need?

Simple, secure and vital for the tech age. 

LastPass Password Manager has a lot going for it. Unlike a lot of password managers it’s very easy to use, comes with a lot of options, and even the free version offers a truly feature rich environment.

Studies and reports by tech security firms have been saying for years that we all need to take better care of our security online.

The average person now has anywhere between eight and 20 passwords they have to remember, or have access to on a weekly basis. And in a world rife with hacking events, cybercrime, and record-setting numbers of data breaches, we should all be as proactive as we can about securing our online presence. It’s a sad truth however that most of us don’t. For instance, 123456, was still one of the most used passwords of 2016!

You can use LastPass on all of your devices, for free.

LastPass generates strong passwords and form fills, so you don’t have to.


LastPass to the rescue

That’s where LastPass comes in. LastPass is an award-winning password manager that can save your passwords and provide you with secure access from every computer and mobile device you have. The whole point about LastPass is that you only need to remember one password, and it then takes care of the rest. Like most modern password managers, LastPass allows you to secure your passwords and other data with the virtually unhackable AES-256 encryption. Both the free and the premium versions come with two-factor login authentication as standard as well, so it is a very secure way of keeping your accounts secure online.

Some users and reviews have criticized the lack of a desktop application as LastPass does primarily exists as a web-browser extension. But I really don’t think it’s something any of us actually need and that the majority wont miss.

Works on everything

Cross platform synchronization is impressive. LastPass synced across all my Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and even Linux devices. But then, LastPass is all about the ‘cloud,’ so it’s probably not all that surprising.

LastPass should work on almost all browsers. Extensions currently exist for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera running on Windows, Mac and Linux. The extensions all download and install quickly, and don’t affect browser or system performance.

Final thought

Other password managers come with things like facial recognition software, or the ability to change dozens of passwords all at once, but LastPass is still the password manager to beat, offering the features it does, and doing so with perfect precision. There are some features that only the very affordable $12 premium version come with, but all the important ones are available in the free version.

You can download and try the latest version of LastPass Password Manager for free here, on