From WannaCry to NotPetya and Bad Rabbit, it’s no secret that 2017 has witnessed its fair share of high-profile data breaches.

With attacks affecting businesses across the globe, and millions being paid out to recover stolen data records, 2017 really became the year of ransomware. These attacks didn’t just focus on business sectors, but also healthcare and governments around the world being targeted.

While anti-virus is an important step in protecting sensitive data, awareness and proactivity are key to minimizing the risk to the security of sensitive data. Until then, businesses of all sizes will continue to be at risk.

Data security

Even though ransomware is a hot topic and is likely to continue to be one of the most important data security subjects for many years to come, is it really one of the main concerns for SMBs when looking to the future? And if not, what are the things that concern SMB owners and their employees about the increased reliance on technology in the workplace?

AVG surveyed more than 100 small businesses to gain their views on cyber security, privacy and artificial intelligence.

AVG Business surveyed more than 100 SMBs to gain their views on cyber security, privacy and AI.

Positive approach 

Building a positive and proactive approach to technology can be a great way for SMBs to improve the speed of communication, but how does this tally with the increased risk that ransomware poses?

To find out what SMB owners and employees feel their main concerns for the future are, AVG Business recently surveyed more than 100 small businesses about cyber security, privacy and artificial intelligence. This research, presented in the form of an infographic which can be found here, covers a range of topics and delivers insightful results as respondents reveal:

  • How concerned they are that companies will use AI against their employees.
  • If they believe that managers will be replaced with programmed AI.
  • Their thoughts on changes to the access and control of personal data.