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Keeping your computer running smoothly can feel like a struggle. However, these free PC cleaning, defragmentation and utility applications make life so much simpler.... Four Of The Best Free Utility And Tuning Apps You Should Download Today

Keeping your computer running smoothly can feel like a struggle. However, these free PC cleaning, defragmentation and utility applications make life so much simpler.

Keeping an eye on the performance of your computer can help you make sure it keeps running at its best. Thankfully, there are a whole load of free system tuning and utility applications to keep your PC in peak condition.

We all know that feeling when you startup a brand-new computer. The machine smoothly boots in a relative blink of the eye, and, once you’ve jumped through all your operating system’s registry hoops, you can be listening to music, watching videos, browsing the internet, or writing articles about great system tuning and utility applications you can download for free in no time at all.

However, once a little time passes, you inevitably notice your computer getting a little slower. As applications and processes build up in both the fore- and background, the strain on your CPU grows and grows until it feels like your previously superfast new computer is swimming through treacle.

To assist you in keeping an eye on the strain put on your PC, allow us to present four great system tuning and utility applications you can download for free.

1. Autoruns

One of the main issues slowing down computers are the number of programs which start all by themselves when you turn your computer on and then continue to run in the background. Many of these applications and processes are essential to the continuing running of the system, but many are extraneous and can be switched off with no ill effects on the use of your PC.

Autoruns helps you identify which applications installed on your machine are configured to start during bootup – including those in your Startup folder, Run, RunOnce, and other registry keys – with numerous tabs and filters you can use to filter the results with ease.

Once these extraneous programs have been identified, you can then block them from autorunning in the future, which will help your computer run more smoothly.

Autoruns comes complete with both .exe and command line versions.

2. CCleaner

There’s a reason this is the world’s most popular free hard drive cleaner, as it’s simply a great piece of software to improve the efficiency of their computers.

Many different applications leave artefacts on your computer. Worse is the fact that these artefacts can remain on your machine, even after the program in question is uninstalled. Cookies, temporary files, and various other miscellaneous data can all clog up and drag down your system.

CCleaner is a lightweight and simple-to-use program which rapidly scans your PC for these useless files and then clears them away in one fell swoop. The program also features a built-in registry cleaner which can fix errors and broken settings to make your computer faster and less prone to crashing and system errors.

3. Defraggler

Hard drives become fragmented when data is distributed on the disk in a non-uniform fashion. As hard drives fill up, in order to use all the available space, it becomes necessary for a computer to break up some files and slot them piecemeal into the gaps between others.

This means when a user wishes to access one of these fragmented files, the computer needs to gather the disparate pieces and reassemble them into the complete article. Naturally, depending on the size of the file, this process has the potential to significantly increase the time it takes for a computer to open them.

Defragmenting tools, such as Defraggler, are designed to reorganise the data into a more a logical order and thus reduce or eliminate the number of fragmented files on the hard drive.

Defraggler does this more effectively than most of its peers. Whereas other tools can only defrag an entire drive, Defraggler also allows you to select one or more files or folders to defragment. It shows clearly and simply, using graphs and charts, just how fragmented your drive is, and where the gaps in memory lie.

Key features include:
• Giving your hard drive a quick touch-up with Quick Defrag
• Organizing empty disk space to further prevent fragmentation
• Defragmenting while you sleep – schedule to run daily, weekly or monthly
• Full Windows OS support
• Boot time defrag of system files
• Support for 37 major languages

Defraggler works on both hard drives and solid-state drives (although the latter rarely requires defragging) and supports NTFS and FAT32 file systems.

4. Speccy

Another factor which can significantly affect the running of your computer is not knowing how to make informed purchasing and upgrade decisions. IT professionals and enthusiasts know that running an efficient machine is an exercise in statistical analysis. Knowing which components of your machine are performing well and which are lagging behind can help you fine-tune your machine with new upgrades and avoid costly and ultimately unnecessary purchases.

Speccy allows even an amateur user to quickly analyse their machine and get detailed statistics on every hardware component contained within, including:

• Processor brand and model.
• Motherboard
• Hard drive size and speed
• Memory (RAM)
• Graphics cards
• Operating system
• Optical drives
• Audio support

While Speccy may seem like a piece of software designed for system admins and power users, anyone can use it to gain insight into the hardware which makes up their computer. Speccy also includes a speedometer application to quickly get a readout on how everything is performing in unison.
Speccy is fast, simple to use, and lightweight, and from the same people who brought us CCleaner and Defraggler, so you can expect solid and ongoing support to boot.

Final Thoughts

Keeping your computer running smoothly can feel like an uphill struggle sometimes, but with these great and free system tuning and utility applications the whole process can be made significantly simpler. Check out our amazing range of apps today