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John McAfee, the eccentric founder of McAfee Security products has said that he has survived an alleged attempt by “enemies” to kill him by... John McAfee Claims Poisoning Was Deliberate Ploy By Enemies

John McAfee, the eccentric founder of McAfee Security products has said that he has survived an alleged attempt by “enemies” to kill him by using poison.

According to his own Twitter feed, the technology pioneer, known for his increasingly bizarre behavior and serious allegations regarding the death of his neighbor in Belize, among others, shared images of himself purportedly lying in a hospital bed recovering from his ordeal.

A recent picture of John McAfee, apparently in happier times….


According to the man himself he was. In a startling series of tweets, McAfee said his alleged poisoners were “incompetent enemies” Mr McAfee told The Independent Newspaper last recently that he was living in fear of his life.

“My enemies ma[n]aged to spike something that i ingested. However, I am more difficult to kill than anyone can possibly imagine. I am back…I apologise for my three day absence but I was unconscious for two days at the Vidant Medical Centre in North Carolina and just woke up,” some of McAfee’s tweets read.


In recent years McAfee has been a vocal supporter and investor in the nascent realm of cryptocurrency. However, like almost everything he seems to have had a hand in these past few years, it has been mired in controversy. His ongoing involvement with various cryptocurrency companies led to him being served with a subpoena by the US Securities and Exchange Commission in 2016.  

In another apparent baffling number of videos posted to YouTube last month, Mr McAfee said that his ongoing legal issues with the SEC had forced him to go on the run.

McAfee still managed to get a plug for a new cryptocurrency he has been promoting in recent times, called Docademic. McAfee credited the Docoademic platform for him seeking medical care after allegedly being poisoned.

John McAfee’s previous announcement that he was to run for President of the US

Enemies here, enemies there.

McAfee has not named who his enemies are, but claimed they will soon face the consequences of their actions.

“And for those who did this – You will soon understand the true meaning of wrath.” he tweeted “I know exactly who you are. You had better be gone.”

That said, McAfee has previously claimed that cartels and violent gangs have attempted to kidnap him in recent years, in relation to the time he fled Belize after becoming a suspect in the murder of his neighbour in 2012.

McAfee has also claimed that he has previously survived 11 assassination attempts, but none of the alleged assassins had managed to survive more than two months after they tried to kill him.

McAfee has also offered to eat his own penis if Bitcoin doesn’t hit $1 million by 2020.

He also intends to run for the US presidency in 2020, but then he did also say that in 2015, so who knows.

Time will tell.