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Adobe Acrobat Pro is the ultimate solution for increased productivity

Disclosure: Our team is always looking for things we think our readers will value. We have received compensation for publishing this article. Despite our many technological advances today, we still sit with situations where we open several apps for a task. You use one to compile a document, another one…

AI Proves Faster And More Accurate Than Best Human Lawyers
Tech beats people in study by AI platform and law experts. A new study conducted by legal AI platform LawGeex in conjunction with law experts from prestigious universities across the USA threw experienced lawyers against a specialist type of AI trained to evaluate legal contracts, and humanity lost.  The landmark... Read more
Daimler Accused Of Rigged Software On Vehicles To Beat Emissions Tests
German newspaper Bild am Sonntag has alleged that it has uncovered documents that purport to show that investigators in the US have found “several software functions that helped Daimler cars pass emissions tests”. According to the paper, Daimler has been using software that is very similar to that used... Read more
Brave Launches Million Dollar Referral Program
Brave Software, the company behind the Brave Browser, has announced that it’s launching up to a million dollar referral program designed to reward online publishers and YouTube Creators. Brave is using the promotion in the hopes it will speed up adoption of the Brave Browser and grow its users... Read more
FCC Chairman Under Investigation Over $3.9 Billion Sinclair Deal
Federal Communications Commission Chairman, Ajit Pai, is under investigation by the Comission’s own watchdog, but surprisingly enough, not over the dismantling of Net Neutrality Rules… Instead, the FCC Inspector General has launched an inquiry into a massive media deal that Ajit Pai helped to make possible, last year. According to... Read more
What Will Tech Giants Do With Tax Cuts?
Apple, Cisco Systems and other big tech names disclose their plans. When the current US administration voted to enact a massive tax cut plan, a lot of people were outspoken about its shortcomings. The general theme seemed to be that it created more of the “trickle-down economics” that experts... Read more
Amazon Takes On Healthcare Industry
Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase & Co to partner on US employee healthcare. Amazon is in the business of revolutions. Apart from single-handedly changing the way consumers buy books, the retail giant also completely upended the publishing industry, giving voice, respectability, and income to authors whose books would... Read more
Amazon’s Cloud Is Now World’s Fifth Largest Software Company
News has emerged that Amazon Web Services (AWS) would be one of the largest software businesses, even if it was completely independent of parent company, Amazon. Newly released figures show Amazon’s cloud business has expanded so fast in the last 10 years, that it’s now the fifth-largest business software... Read more
Manage Your PC, Mobile Devices, Apps And More With Ellp
We review Ellp – the PC assistant that automates your daily tasks, keeps your PC running smoothly, and helps you get organized. Smart devices aren’t very “smart” if you spend too much time checking up on them to make sure they’re doing all the things you need done. That’s... Read more
Uber v Google: Self-Drive Tech Clash Goes Legal
Two of the biggest names in autonomous vehicle tech go head-to-head in court in San Franciso. Ride-hailing firm Uber is being sued by Waymo, the self-driving company spun out of Google. At the heart of the case is the accusation that Uber stole ‘trade secrets’ relating to Lidar (light... Read more
Hacking Insurance Is Newest Business Expense
Firms are buying insurance ‘in mad panic’ as cyber-attacks soar. Companies of every size have standard expenses. It might be payroll, office supplies, the lease on their location, a fleet of vehicles, or any of a hundred other considerations depending on the type of industry they’re in. But one... Read more
Amazon Opens Supermarket Without Checkouts
Get your groceries and go: Amazon debuts “Go” store with no cashiers or checkout lines. In a move that could revolutionize the way we buy our groceries in the future, Amazon has this week opened a supermarket that has no checkout operators or tills of any sort.  After a... Read more
UK Firm Fined Half Million Dollars For 2015 Data Breach
UK-based Carphone Warehouse has been fined ÂŁ400,000 ($550,000) by British Information Commissioner’s Office in relation to a series of “systemic failures” following a nearly two year investigation after a massive data breach that occurred in 2015. Hackers succeeded in easily bypassing Carphone Warehouse security in 2015, and gained full... Read more
Google, Microsoft And Amazon Join Forces To Appeal FCC Net Neutrality Ruling
Several of the US’s Major internet firms have banded together to form a group known as the Internet Association with the sole intention of suing the FCC and preventing the government body from overturning the Title 2 2015 net neutrality rules. The IA which is backed by heavyweight tech... Read more
Facebook Looks At How Ads Are Targeted To Ethnicities
Social network suspends ethnicity ad targeting as review explores potential abuse and exclusion.  Over a year ago, public service investigative journalism platform ProPublica discovered an unsettling feature on Facebook. At the time, advertisers could target or exclude specific demographics of users with their ads based on factors like gender,... Read more
Apple Agrees To Pay Ireland $15.4bn In Back Taxes 
Apple has finally agreed to start paying a â‚Ź13bn ($15.4 billion) tax bill in early 2018, a full 12 months after a European Union competition court ruled that a special tax deal with Ireland had allowed Apple to pay almost zero tax on Europe wide profits between 2003 and 2014.  The irony is that Ireland has said it doesn’t want the money. The... Read more
Amazon Launches In Australia
US based online retail titan has finally officially launched its first Australian operation. After a tumultuous few months of will-they/won’t-they, Amazon finally opened its virtual doors to the domestic Australian market.   While not yet as all-inclusive as its other global marketplaces, the Australian marketplace still covers most of the bases, with 23 separate categories for shoppers... Read more
Classified Pentagon Data Fully Accessible In Public Cloud
Classified data from a joint program run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) and the US Army has been found online and may have been accessible for years, say researchers. According to new research published by Cybersecurity firm UpGuard, around 100GB of data from a now redundant and failed... Read more
Bitcoin Breaks $8,000 And Another New Record
Cryptocurrency keeps going from strength-to-strength. Bitcoin hit another new record over the weekend, and then again on November 20, after rising above the vaunted $8,000 mark. The new price of a single bitcoin has gone through an amazing 50% climb in under 10 days! The question it seems isn’t whether Bitcoin will break the much vaunted $10,000 mark any more,... Read more