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Xbox One is Outselling PlayStation 4 Right Now
I don’t know if you pay all that much attention to the “console wars” between Sony and Microsoft, but I find it interesting. For most of the year, around 10 months to be exact, Sony has been the clear sales leader with the PlayStation 4. No matter what they... Read more
Hello Games New No Man’s Sky Trailer Reveals Little & Less
Hello Games has revealed a new trailer for No Man’s Sky, the upcoming space exploration game for PS4 and PC. The trailer looks fantastic and shows some of the ways to get around the different planets, through wormholes and spacecraft; another trailer shows trading with AI. It also shows... Read more
EA Offers Sim City 2000 Free
Before Electronic Arts laid claim to SimCity, there was SimCity 2000.  Do you remember this gem?  Building your own city, running various ‘companies’ and maintaining schools and roads were just a few things you had to do to keep your city from financially self-destructing. In 1994, SimCity 2000 was made... Read more
Playstation Network Hacked
Hacking is becoming more high profile and more and more prolific. On Monday of this week, Sony’s online PlayStation store was hacked wide open by a group called Lizard Squad.  When any visitor navigated to the site they were are greeted with a message which read “Page Not Found! It’s... Read more
Australian Stores are Banning GTA V
It’s no surprise to anyone by now that the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) games are incredibly popular right now and that stores sell them in droves, especially since GTA: V has just been “re-released” on the PlayStation 4 among other consoles. Just as the game’s popularity is no surprise anymore, neither is... Read more
Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega Due in 2015
When I was a kid, the Sinclair ZX Spectrum was a cool computer to own. Many a wasted hour was spent playing too many games then I care to recount. Those days are sadly long gone…Or are they? Sir Clive Sinclair is resurrecting the now classic 80s computer back... Read more
Ubisoft Offers Assassin’s Creed Unity Owners Free DLC
Assassin’s Creed Unity has been labelled by many as a broken experience, performance issues and bugs running rife on Ubisoft’s flagship title for 2014. Ubisoft has previously argued against the issues, but the overwhelming negative attitude towards the title has forced Yannis Mallat, CEO of Ubisoft Montreal and Toronto,... Read more
DayZ Now Has 2015 Launch Date with Price Increase
The developers of DayZ — the zombie survival game — have announced a roadmap for 2015. The roadmap came alongside a price increase. Bohemia Interactive promise lots of new features in 2015, after updating the standalone game to include the same features as the DayZ mod for over a... Read more
Steam Black Friday Sales Include Civilisation, Watch Dogs & More
Steam has kicked off its “Exploration Sale”, before the big Christmas sale normally added on late December. The sale will last until December 2 and includes various new deals. Here is a list of some of the biggest deals: Bioshock Infinite: $7.49 (75 percent off) — Decent first person... Read more
Telltale Games Will Premiere Game of Thrones Soon
Telltale Games is preparing to launch their next game series, following the biggest TV show in America, Game of Thrones. After tackling The Walking Dead, Telltale should be pros when it comes to mixing their own style with the show and the books, and the studio has a vast... Read more
Xbox One Sales Triple After Holiday Price Cut
A couple of weeks ago, Techbeat reported that Microsoft was getting into the Christmas spirit by dropping the price on their latest video game console, the Xbox One. Up until lately, Sony had been outselling Microsoft in the console war, but that is no longer the case thanks to... Read more
Blizzard Announces Overwatch, New Battle-Arena Shooter
Blizzard has announced its first new IP in seventeen years, Overwatch. Built from the remnants of Project Titan, Blizzard’s cancelled MMO, it features a new graphics engine, characters and a whole new world to explore. The basis of the game is quite simple, a 6 vs 6 team-based shooter,... Read more
Tony Hawk to Release New Game in 2015
When you think of skateboarding a few names come to mind. But usually people think of Tony Hawk. The guy is one of the most iconic people in the industry and has conquered many of the fields that he enters. From being the first person ever to smash the... Read more
Duck Hunt is Coming to the Wii U
The first video game I can remember playing is Duck Hunt on the original Nintendo (NES) System. I remember it like it was yesterday, probably because Duck Hunt was a game I played with my grandmother and we made a lot of memories while playing it. More than anything, though, I... Read more
Download the Latest Version of EA Origin
Origin lets you purchase and play EA games – anytime and anyplace you want. With the in-game overlay, you can browse the web while playing select games.Origin’s social features allow you to create a profile, connect and chat with your friends, share your game library and effortlessly join your... Read more
You Can Buy One Of The Buried E.T. Atari Games On eBay
Have you started thinking about what to get your friends and family for Christmas yet? Believe it or not, that time of the year is quickly approaching. If you have any Atari fans to buy for this year, I have the perfect gift for you. If you remember from... Read more
How to Play the Hidden Flappy Bird Game on Android Lollipop
We all love hidden games, did you know each version of Android has hidden Easter eggs popped in by bored developers? The latest Lollipop release is no exception. This time it’s a hidden version of possibly the most annoying surprise hit of 2013 a version of the FlappyBird game.... Read more
Sunset Overdrive Gains Highly Positive Reviews at Launch‏
Insomniac Games, the studio behind Spyro and Ratchet & Clank, have a brand new IP on Xbox One, and it appears to be some of their best work added into this colorful third-person open-world apocalypse. Sunset Overdrive came out of its shell earlier today and the Web has been... Read more