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Apple is set to reveal the newest version of iOS and possibly also a renamed, re-branded and upgraded version of OS X,  the tech... Apple To Reveal New OS Info On June 13th

Apple is set to reveal the newest version of iOS and possibly also a renamed, re-branded and upgraded version of OS X,  the tech giant has revealed.


In a nice twist to standard tech company announcements however, the news was unveiled by Apple’s digital assistant, Siri.

Whether Apple intentionally gave Siri the news to disseminate around the world or not, the news was given, and within hours, rumors were circulating as just to what would be happening at this year’s Apple Worldwide Developers Conference. (WWDC)

The conference will be held in San Francisco from 13th June to 17th June. Siri, apparently, can’t wait.

Of course, traditionally, the WWDC is where Apple normally unveil the latest updates of their hardware and software across the range. Unsurprisingly, this year’s WWDC looks to be more of the same, and why not. It works for Apple and develops high levels of hype for the company on a yearly basis.

According to the internet of rumor control, by the time June 18th rolls around, we can all expect to know an  awful lot more about the latest versions of  iOS, tvOS, watchOS, MacOS (currently codenamed Fuji) as mentioned above, and if hardware fans are lucky,  also some details on new Mac Laptops.

One of the bigger rumors circulating around certainly seems to be more to do with hope as opposed to any hard and fast facts.

One of the supposed new features of iOS10 is that users will finally be given the option to hide all those unwanted apps that come pre-installed as standard on iOS. It might just be that we can all permanently lock away that pesky Compass app that hardly anyone uses after the customary “look, north is in that direction!’

What can be confirmed as hopefully something more than wishful thinking however, is that of the Siri controlled iCloud Voicemail.  As well as organising your day Siri will, with a little bit of luck, also deal with all your unwanted calls.

Of course despite all the internet whispering, no one will really know what Apple will show off to the world until the WWDC actually gets under way

But good luck if you think you can just show up if you happen to be in San Francisco at a loose end that week.  Tickets are retailed at over $1500, and back in 2012 they were all gone within a few hours of going on release.