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Sony Pulls Xperia Tablet S from Market
Sony had launched its new Xperia Tablet, the Tablet S last month in selected markets around the world. However, it has only taken them a month to pull it from the market and stop its sale. Featuring the Android 4.0 operating system and a 9.4 inch screen, the tablet... Read more
Biggest Tech Turkeys Of 2012
From a classic American photography company on the brink of extinction to a mobile mapping system that can barely map a users requests the biggest tech turkeys of 2012 have angered customers and investors while leaving the future of at least one cell phone manufacturer hanging in the balance.... Read more
Nokia Reveals European Rollout Plans for New Lumia Phones
After failing to capture the US market by storm, Nokia has been struggling in the face of its competitors. Companies like Apple and Samsung have taken the industry to new levels and while Nokia has found success in other parts of the world, the US is one place where... Read more
Does Apple Need The iPhone 6 Sooner Than Expected?
When Apple launched the new iPhone 5 this year, millions of people snatched them up over just one weekend. Already Apple has announced the release of the iPad Mini, which is expected to release sometime in October 2012. Though competitors for Apple offer a broader range of tablets and... Read more
How Location Based Services Are Changing The Mobile Landscape
Location based services such as Foursquare, Google Places, Facebook Check-In and others are becoming more popular every single day. With more than 25 million people checking into locations through their mobile Foursquare apps alone the cellular landscape is becoming an entirely new beast. As we head into 2013 we... Read more
Apple Faces Roadblock in Planned Internet Radio Service
The way Apple has been racking up milestone after milestone is nothing short of astonishing. It seems as though the tech giant has unlimited resources and lady luck on its side. Everything goes its way when it decides to launch a new product or even sue an opponent. But... Read more
HP’s Risky New Tablet and Smartphone Venture
Hewlett-Packard is ready to take on an aggressive move: they are considering the tablet and smartphone market. According to several press announcements from the company, they are ready to make an “aggressive attack” on the tablet and smartphone markets and create new products that will benefit their company. Unfortunately,... Read more
What To Expect From The Samsung Galaxy S IV
The Samsung Galaxy S III has been on the open market for just six months, however with 50 million+ units sold and a loyal fan base already awaiting the next Samsung devices rumors for the Samsung Galaxy S IV are already starting to surface. While rumored features are likely... Read more
Apple Apologizes for Maps Mess
It is becoming nearly impossible to keep Apple out of the news. The industry giant has been hogging the spotlight for the past decade or so based on its innovative and high quality products. However, the past couple of weeks have seen numerous developments which have kept Apple in... Read more
Reasons To Not Jailbreak Your iPhone 4
With the release of the new iPhone 5, iPhone 4 users are finding more jailbreaking information on the internet. Though it is an exciting concept to be able to customize the iPhone and access those features that Apple keeps hidden, there are numerous reasons why you should not jailbreak... Read more
The Most Ridiculous iPhone Cases
A phone worth several hundred dollars deserves the best possible protection you can afford. And, if you’ve queued up for your iPhone for hours just so you could be one of the first to have it, then all the more reason to cough up a little more dough to... Read more
iPhone Remote Check Deposits
Just about everyone with a bank account knows what a hassle paper checks can be. Writing checks is a hassle enough, but cashing them is even worse. According to a recent study, the use of paper checks has already declined by seven percent thanks to electronic payment options. In... Read more
Cheap Tablets Worth Buying
In 1990 you would easily pay $2500 for an Apple Macintosh that connected to the web at 2800 baud rates and had “squint friendly” graphics, today users can purchase handheld devices that download entire movies in a matter of minutes and at a fraction of the cost associated with... Read more
A Quick Guide To Passbook Enabled Apps
What was the first thing you noticed after you upgraded to iOS 6? For me, it was the Passbook icon, which was prominently out of place on the first screen. I am not OC when it comes to my icons – at least not like some people who are... Read more
The New Blackberry 10

The New Blackberry 10

Mobile October 3, 2012

Blackberry seemed to fall off the map for awhile, but now it is back in the news with its upcoming release for Blackberry 10. Though Blackberry has built itself a long-standing reputation, it has to find a way to convince Android and iPhone users to convert to this new... Read more
iPhone 5-Missing Features
The iPhone 5 is by far the most beautifully crafted Apple smartphone to date, unfortunately much like the Apple phones that came before it the iPhone 5 is missing features that would allow it to more evenly compete with its main competitors. From lousy charging support to a lack... Read more
Top 5 iPhone 5 Features
After an endless wait, for the fans at least, Apple finally launched the iPhone 5 and released it to the public. Within a couple of days, Apple announced it had run out of stock to ship and the orders would be completed in three weeks. The phenomenal success of... Read more
Will Smartphones Kill The Digital Advertising Age?
Mobile devices have changed the way the marketing industry operates. Thanks to the smaller screen and bigger possibilities, global marketing companies have to find new, creative ways to market products. That is why at the annual WPP Stream conference the importance of digital advertising through mobile devices was a... Read more