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iPad Mini Alternatives
With the launch of the iPad Mini, many other companies are going to be looking to improve their own technology to compete with the superstar.  However, you can already find options if you don’t want to buy the Apple product.  Many of them have similar features with some great... Read more
3 Things The iPad Mini Is Missing
The world has been waiting for the introduction of Apple’s latest offering: the iPad Mini. The 7-inch tablet hopes to take its share of this market, too. However, if you are expecting a miniature version of the iPad as the name indicates you may be disappointed. Three things are... Read more
Health Apps That Can Make Your Life Better
The mobile phone has changed the world, and continues to do so, making an impact on almost every aspect of our lives. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if there really is a significant increase in the visibility of health-related apps and platforms. From big names to... Read more
Is Your Personal Information At Risk?
With the advances in technology, we can do so much more than we used to but does that put us more at risk? We can pull up bank information on our smart phones, make reservations with our credit card on our tablets, and make purchases with private information on... Read more
eBay Launches New UI and Same-Day Delivery Service
The ecommerce giant was one of the first big stores for online shopping and influenced many other companies that have come to the forefront of the crowd. eBay was still the king of auction sites, but it was losing its modern image. Now, it has updated its look to... Read more
Is The PC Dead in The Water?
For the last few years, arguments have been going back and forth as to whether the personal computer was going the same way as the eight-track tape player. You will find strong advocates on both side of the debate. The End of the PC For those who are ready... Read more
New Cases for iPod Nano 7
Just about the size of a credit card, the iPod Nano 7 (or 7th generation iPod Nano) is the thinnest in its line. I don’t know about you, but I was almost flabberagasted when I first heard about this iteration. Having used several Nanos – from the short, wide... Read more
Using Tablets at School?
I have always thought that the tablet is a perfect educational tool, although I have to admit that it just might be the most expensive mobile gaming device I have ever owned. When it comes to children, however, a tablet can be put to much more better use than... Read more
What You Don’t Know (Yet) About the iPad Mini
Apple takes its time with launching new gadgets. The rumors are allowed to circulate for months, even years before they materialize. This has been the case with the smaller version of the iPad. Ever since the second generation iPad was launched, there have been reports that Apple is working... Read more
Tech for Good: an App to Feed The Horn of Africa
Tech is neither evil nor good. What it turns out to be is how people use it. And this upcoming mobile app is a perfect example of how tech can be used for something really good, something that addresses a real and pressing need. You know how the phrase... Read more
What Should You Do with Old Cell Phones?
Whether you have upgraded, changed, companies, or simply have a cell phone that has stopped working, odds are you have an old cell phone just lying around. Rather than keep clutter lingering around your home or tossing that old cell phone into the landfill to wreak havoc on the... Read more
KIDO’Z: The App for Android Kids
Kids today perceive technology as fundamentally human. That was the finding of research firm Latitude when they conducted a study earlier this year. It really should not come as a surprise, if you pause to reflect on it. Babies are born into a world where the use of technology is... Read more
The Biggest Patent Lawsuits Of 2012
2012 was the year of the patent wars. Apple won $1.1 billion, Research In Motion was accused and found guilty of violating a patent for the type of technology that made it billions of dollars and Google paid $12.5 billion to purchase a company that it would later use... Read more
Samsung Nearing End of Purple Patch
It has been an eventful last few days for Samsung. They lost a landmark patent lawsuit against Apple, receiving a penalty of $1 billion in the process. While the final verdict on that case is still some time off as they challenge the original ruling, Samsung has been enjoying... Read more
T-Mobile MetroPCS Merger Plans Blocked By Shareholders
In early October, T-Mobile announced plans to merge with prepaid wireless provider, MetroPCS. Although these plans brought up many questions among existing customers and techies, both companies believed they were “made for each other.” In fact, the deal was to be the saving grace for two struggling wireless carriers.... Read more
Underutilized Smartphone Features
It’s hard to find a feature that isn’t being offered on today’s smartphones. From GPS to Near-Field Communications to high-definition displays, today’s phones are highly capable machines with near-endless possibilities. However, because of the massive number of features many users end up with underutilized smartphone features that could have... Read more
Is The Tablet Market More Than Just an iPad Market?
Back when the iPad first came out on the scene, the impact was such that it was inevitable that it would take up a lion’s share of the market. At that time, the tablet market hadn’t grown to the level it is at now with multiple manufacturers putting out... Read more
Steve Jobs – A Year On From His Death
It’s been a year now. Last year on October 5, the world lost a visionary when Apple founder Steve Jobs finally succumbed to cancer. He had been battling the disease for years before his death but it didn’t stop him from leading Apple to the summit of the tech... Read more