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Apple Loses FaceTime Patent Lawsuit, Must Pay $368 Million
Hot off the heels of its Samsung patent lawsuit loss in the UK, Apple on Wednesday morning was ordered to pay $368 million to patent firm VirnetX. A U.S. court in the Eastern District of Texas ruled that Apple FaceTime technology has infringed on four patents held by VirnetX.... Read more
Hue Is The Lightbulb For Apple Fanboys
Let’s take Apple fanboyism (or fangirlism, to cover both genders) to the next level, shall we? I’ve been accused of being one, mind you, and I really can’t be bothered. The truth is, Apple’s products are awesome, and I just don’t feel the need to switch brands just yet.... Read more
What the New Windows 8 Phone Has to Offer
The new Windows 8 has gotten some great reviews and experts say it has improved on the earlier models with better software and hardware. It is a great choice for first-time smart phone buyers because it offers different options from the Android and iPhone devices. It will also appeal... Read more
Apple Sells 3 Million iPads In First 3 Days
Apple walked away with bragging rights over the weekend as holiday shopping sales propelled its line of legacy, 4th generation and iPad mini devices towards more than three million units sold. The tech giant started its weekend with the iPad mini which now adds Wi-Fi + Cellular data connection... Read more
Guide Central: Create Your Own How-to Guide
If you have a skill or ability that you would like to share with others, now you can do it – for free. Guide Central is a free app that works on both iPhones and Android devices that allows users to create a how-to guide for anything they are... Read more
How to Sell Your iPad 3
I love my iPad 3. I said that the day I bought it, and I will not hesitate to say it again. And again. I have to admit, however, that the announcement of the 4th generation iPad kind of threw me off guard. Just like the horde of Apple... Read more
Angry Birds Star Wars Edition Available November 8th
Fans of the game just got their first look at the new “Star Wars” edition of Angry Birds. They only get to see 50 seconds of footage, but it gives them an idea of what to expect (check out the footage below). This video game is sure to bring... Read more
iPad Mini Vs. Google Nexus 7
Apple has finally announced its long-awaited 7-inch iPad mini and while Apple fans are sure to flock over to the device many buyers might find a better deal with the Google Nexus 7. Comparing both devices shows their advantages and disadvantages and leaves customers with a touch choice between... Read more
Apple Executive Responsible for Maps to Leave Next Year
In a recent management shake-up, Apple has ousted several executives including Scott Forstall. While everyone saw CEO Tim Cook taking the blame for the Maps mess in the new iPhone, not many people are aware that it was Forstall who was responsible for the app. Over the past year... Read more
iPhone 5 Review – A Month On from Release
It’s been a month since Apple released the iPhone 5. Over the past four weeks or so, the hype and hullabaloo surrounding the smartphone has died down to a great extent. Like all Apple devices, the iPhone 5 was also released amid much fanfare and glowing reviews. The sales... Read more
Who Will Be The Next Steve Jobs?
A visionary like Steve Jobs doesn’t come along every day. In fact, you could say he comes along once in a lifetime. However, that doesn’t mean that someone else won’t step to do what he did and create more than just a winning company. He created an intricate part... Read more
Google and Apple Eye Huge Holiday Sales
Times have changed and how. Gone are the days when toys and clothing could be ideal Christmas presents. Now, it seems that everyone wants a new handheld device. A smartphone, tablet or other gadgets are on the wish lists for people of all ages, from early teens to sexagenarians.... Read more
Why Apple’s Fusion Drive Matters
It’s been more than a week since we all got suckered into staying up late – or taking an hour or so off from work, as the case may be – because of the Apple iPad Mini event. While most of us held our breaths till the iPad Mini... Read more
Microsoft Office Coming to Apple and Android in 2013
Rumors have abounded for some time that Microsoft would be adding a version of their ever-popular Microsoft Office product to the Android tablets and the iPad with Office 2013.  The Microsoft Office portfolio manager in the Czech Republic was quoted as stating that it would be released early next... Read more
Best Time Wasting Mobile Games For iOS
When it comes to wasting our time in the most fun ways possible there is almost no better solution than Apple’s iOS platform. Whether you take a moment or two with Bad Piggies or simple start 95 games at the same time with Words With Friends it is easy... Read more
Why Doesn’t Nokia Have Its Own Tablet Yet?
Microsoft is the latest brand to jump on the tablet bandwagon. Lured by the huge sales of handheld devices and having to deal with falling PC sales, the corporation is entering the market with its own gadgets. Seeking to appeal to the consumers of today, Microsoft is looking towards... Read more
Apple’s Commitment to Education
The special event that Apple held last week brought mixed reactions as usual. There were some things that only “meh” could be used to describe, but one thing that really caught my attention was iBooks textbooks for iPad. Dubbed “The next chapter in learning”, the improved platform highlighted one... Read more
Apple to Phase Out iPad 2 to Make Way for iPad Mini
Apple has been the catalyst for its own success. The tech giant has engaged in constant innovation over the years and develops its own technologies. That makes Apple one of the few self-sufficient companies in the industry. They rarely have to rely on external help to get something done,... Read more