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THIS is The Most-Watched YouTube Video Ever
Isn’t Youtube great? There are few easier and more entertaining ways to pass your time than with a good Youtube video. (Or 10). With all of the different Youtube videos out there, it’s only natural to sometimes wonder what the most popular video of all time is. Is it... Read more
Download The Latest Snagit Update
Snagit is the powerful screen capturing tool of choice, for manuals, tutorials or presentations.  Techsmith’s SnagIt is a quality image manipulation software that records stills and videos. The captured area can be set to; full screen, window, region or scrolling area. The software has a large range of tools,... Read more
Google Camera App Makes Sure You Record Videos Correctly
In case you missed the news, Google decided to release a standalone camera app that can be downloaded from the Google Play store. While it will do a lot of the same things your stock camera will do, it also has a few upgrades – one which is worthy... Read more
ISS To Send Video Laser To Earth
NASA has created an interesting method to transmit data across vast distances, such as the ISS to the Earth.  The Optical Payload for Lasercomm Science (OPALS) system was due to be launched to the International Space Station aboard the SpaceX-3 mission, but the mission was scrubbed due to a helium... Read more
Citrix Releases GoToMeeting For Chrome
Video conferencing is a standard requirement in today’s business environments.  Whether people choose to use Skype or another service, they need high quality services at little or no cost.  The market has a few products that are availalble at the moment and one to look out for is Citrix‘s GoToMeeting,... Read more
Welcome Back, VLC For iOS!
VLC has long been one of the most reliable video players for people all over the world. Whether you are a Mac lover or a PC loyalist, when it comes to VLC, there just seems to be a meeting point where users agree that it is one of the... Read more
Is Instagram Video Going To Kill Vine?
So everyone who said that the Facebook event was going to be all about Instagram video was right. The “big idea” from a “small team” indeed turned out to be video sharing via what used to be a photo-only platform. And yes, the filters are there. Of course, this... Read more
Vdio launched in US and UK
Rdio, the subscription service known for its streaming music now has a sister company called Vdio. Now available in the US and the UK, Vdio is a digital rental service for movies and television shows. Currently the service is available on desktop and as an iPad app, with more... Read more
This Weeks Top 5 Trending Videos
The Presidential Debate is back and so is the trailer for Marvels next marvel. This weeks line up of videos features an eclectic bunch, from the Secretary General of the UN to the latest gadget coming your way from Apple. Read on and find out the top 5 videos... Read more